Liquid Transfer Technology Danmark ApS

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Liquid Transfer Technology BV (LTT) was established in 1999 as a specialist in industrial hoses and fenders for the shipping industry. The port of Rotterdam based company grew out to be an all-round supplier of shipping equipment, with a name that stands for high quality and safety.

Acceptance as a certified supplier for Shell confirms the importance of quality and safety for our company. Since 2012, LTT has been fully registered under the Shell Supplier Qualification System for all transfers of liquefied cargos, based on proven reliability and qualities of excellence. LTT has an impeccable incident record. We hold four certificates with Bureau Veritas, the world's leading certification body, and a product certificate with Gutteling, producer and supplier of composite hoses. LTT is a worldwide agent for Gutteling hoses.

Operations throughout the world brought us a wide range of experience in the field of rental and sales of hoses, fenders, hydraulic pumps and other equipment. Our company performs the on and off loading of liquids onto seagoing and inland waterway vessels, offshore installations, and on-shore installations. Cargos range from mineral and vegetable oils to diesel, LPG and LNG. For these operations we have a range of more than two hundred types of composite hoses. For ship-to-ship operations a complete package is supplied, including rental equipment and a boarding master for supervision.

Through the years LTT expanded to new areas. We are now also providing equipment such as reducers, adapters, pumps and inert gas generators. Other rental and sales services include tank cleaning and hydraulic equipment, heaters, portable filtration units, generators and oil booms. Our well equipped workshop and rental fleet with skilled staff is at your service for 24/7 assistance on a worldwide scale.

The LTT main office is located in the port of Rotterdam area, The Netherlands. LTT is also present with offices and workshops in Malta and Bornholm, Denmark.

George Zeemann, Offshore Manager