Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology Management (MSK)

In 1906 MSK opened the doors for the Marine Engineer education. The college is based on more than 100 years of expertise in educating marine engineers who have all the qualifications which the business and industry want. MSK is one of the largest Marine Engineer colleges in Denmark and it is the only one of its kind on Zealand.

Since 1912 MSK has also educated authorized electricians, implying that we have a very large base of experience to offer the studying electricians.

In January 2005 MSK moved to new quarters at DTU. The relocation has implied that MSK is able to utilize the advantages which an education in vicinity of researh may give.

The objective of the college is to be known as a professionally skilled college of high quality, geared to the future. Our main area is to educate marine engineers and authorized electricians.
Our quality objective is to be user- friendly and a provider of educational services of quality which are in accordance with the standards from the Danish Maritime Authority and the Department of Education.

Erik Andreassen, Principal