The Danish Engineers’ Association (Maskinmestrenes Forening)

Maskinmester Forening.PNG

The Danish Engineers’ Association is a professional/technical association for Engineers and Dual Purpose Ship Officers, who are either educated or present students at Maritime Educational Institutions. The association has approx. 9.000 members, of which about 7.600 are employed, 850 are students, and 550 are senior members – retired engineers and ship officers.

The members are employed primarily within various technical and/or administrative positions. The engineers and ship officers are found within the Maritime Sector, in production units and service companies, in consulting companies, and in the public sphere e.g. at hospitals, in supply, inspection, defence and the education sector. Of the active members 70% are employed ashore, while 30% are employed at sea.

The association offers personal legal advice and economical guidance regarding all aspects of individual payment and conditions of work. The Danish Engineers’ Association negotiates, denounces, and enters collective agreements on behalf of its members.

The Danish Engineers’ Association closely monitors the development of the labour market and the market contours in general, and thereby helps ensure optimal employment conditions for engineers in the Danish society. This includes information and guidance on employment possibilities, career development, salary adjustment and in-service training. The association also takes part in developing the education of the engineers, which helps keep tuition and the training of students at pace with modern standards and in accordance with the needs of the labour market.

The Danish Engineers’ Association maintains the interests of the engineers both domestically and internationally. This is done by council in relevant boards and committees, and by close cooperation with related organisations, which influence the situation and circumstances involving marine engineers and ship officers. The Danish Engineers’ Association is party-politically neutral and economically independent.

Jan Rose Andresen, Chairman