RelyOn Nutec Denmark A/S

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RelyOn Nutec Esbjerg (formerly Falck Safety Services) ensures that your business has the competence to prevent, handle and learn from critical events. We achieve this through building knowledge and experience with realistic scenarios. With over 40 years’ experience from both offshore and maritime industries, RelyOn Nutec Esbjerg has acquired the competence to meet local, as well as international, requirements.

With decades of experience, we help people & businesses improve safety with a 360 degree safety culture and full safety service delivery.

  • We train people to be safety & technical leaders in their field

  • We help business stay safe beyond regulatory requirements

  • We identify competence gaps and help address them

  • We improve safety processes & mindset

  • We prepare you for the unexpected 

You can rely on us to take a 360 degrees perspective on safety, uncovering all the potential risks in a client’s organization. This includes uncovering risks that the business themselves might not be aware of.

Our Esbjerg location is one of 33 locations in 20 countries. Each year, over 250 000 delegates choose to complete their safety training at one of our training centres worldwide. Through professional training and consulting we address the safety concerns within both private and public organisations, with focus on preventative measures, active safety procedures and work environment (HSE).

Claus Nexø Hansen, Managing Director