Port of Aabenraa

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Aabenraa Port is a market-orientated port company which targets its products on customers' needs. Facilities, traffic communications and services are being developed and improved so that the port is always abreast of the customers' needs – also in the future.

Aabenraa Port is the efficient deep-water port by the Baltic, close to the European motorway network. It is a port of shipment and disembarkation for the entire Baltic area and may form part of attractive transport concepts in combination with land transport to and from the rest of Europe. Aabenraa Port can offer all the facilities which hallmark an efficient industrial port and make it supreme as the basis for advantageous transport and logistics solutions in North Europe and the Baltic area.

The navigation conditions in Aabenraa Port are excellent. The depths of water vary between 4 and 11 metres, and vessels up to a length of 250 metres may call at the port. Aabenraa Port has modern Ro-Ro facilities and the quays extend for more than 2 km altogether.
There are tanker piers with terminals for liquid goods. Aabenraa Port disposes over efficient handling equipment and three mobile harbour cranes, which can handle loads with a dead weight of up to 240 tonnes in combined lifts.

Henrik Thykjær, Port Director