Port of Aalborg A/S

Denmark's Intelligent Port
Port of Aalborg - "Denmark's Intelligent port" with logistics and cooperation as the two basic services. In close collaboration with, among others, Aalborg University a mindset and a way of working has been developed where the latest knowledge in the field of logistics products and - processes are the basis for value creation. Documented environmental awareness is one of the many skills that are part of the ongoing business to the benefit of the port's customers and tenants.

Port of Aalborg's main activities are concentrated about 12 km outside of the city center. Relocated in 1973 to what today is called "Denmark's best-planned port area",  when the Royal Greenland Trading Company moved its transport department to Aalborg. Until 2022, Aalborg is the base port for supplies to and from Greenland. The port is integrated with Nordic Transport Center as a comprehensive service center for goods transported on ship, truck and rail. There are just 5 kilometers the E45highway, and the whole area is approved for operation with road trains (25 m long trucks).

Port of Aalborg A/S owns more than 420 hectares of commercial area with quays, roads etc. Nearly 100 companies have already established themselves in the vicinity. From the project quay are shipped offshore wind turbine foundations and trancision pieces from Bladt Industries A/S and turbine blades from Siemens Wind Power. Weber Nordic has established its central warehouse in the port's proximity and getsits entire supply of barbeques through the feeder container route Rotterdam - Aalborg.


  • Port of Aalborg is called annually by approx. 2,000 ships

  • The port container terminal has annual capacity of 100,000 containers

  • There are 85,000 m3 of refrigeration and freezing capacity

  • Environmental Management System in the Port of Aalborg A / S is certified according to ISO 14001

  • Central Port of Aalborg Waterfront was in 2012 called by 7 cruise ships. In 2013 10 calls are planned

  • Port of Aalborg has 5.2 km quay and has planned significant extensions

  • 6,317 containers were shipped in 2012 with feeder lines to and from Rotterdam

Kjartan Ross, Head of Sales