Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering

The Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engeneering, AAMS, has been a part of Aarhus life for 115 years. AAMS is the largest Marine Engineering School in Denmark with approx. 700 students following the 3-year Bachelor Programme. The school is situated in the middle of Aarhus within easy reach of other educational institutions and industry partners. 

The Bachelor of Technology Management and Marine Engineering is polytechnic. This means that it covers areas ranging from Engine Studies and Electro Technology to Automation Studies. Another focus area is Management Studies. The basic subjects include Mathematics, English and Methodology.

In his/her proffessional life the AAMS graduate is often in charge of establishing, initiating and coordinating a profitable collaboration between diverse and often highly specialized proffessional groups - both at sea and on land. The modern Marine and Technical Engineer is thus a technical manager who is able to initiate and implement change in technical and technological organizations.

Anders Hanberg Sørensen, Principal, Cand. Scient