CMP - Copenhagen Malmö Port AB

Copenhagen Malmö Port AB (CMP) is centrally located in both Denmark and Sweden serving the import to and export from the region. The Port is located as the natural gateway for the markets in Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea.

A single distribution centre – that's all it takes to reach ten countries in the Baltic Region. CMP enjoys the perfect location. International car manufacturers like Toyota and Honda already make use of the opportunities it provides.

Enjoy lower costs – the Baltic Region can be covered from a single port, meaning you benefit from economies of scale and lower costs. In recent years, CMP has been developing into an important transport hub because our location means we are in exactly the right spot to provide the most effective logistics for the Baltic Sea Region.
Since the opening of the Øresund Bridge in 2000, it has been possible to supply Norway, Sweden and Denmark without trans-shipping freight. All of the countries around the Baltic Sea can now be covered by a simple combination of ships, trains and lorries.

We have the infrastructure – we have everything you need to deliver the goods safely and on time. Container ships, car ships and ro-ro vessels dock at CMP every day. We are located in the north–south transport corridor and also have good east–west links.
CMP’s port facilities in Denmark and Sweden are linked by the Øresund Bridge. CMP is situated close to both Copenhagen Airport and a well-developed network of motorways and railway connections.

A new logistics park – in the next few years CMP will be building a new ferry terminal, a combi-terminal, two new container terminals and a car terminal.

CMP can offer space right beside the new terminals. That provides advantages regardless of whether your ongoing distribution is by ship, lorry or aeroplane.

One big local market – CMP has a market of four million people right on its doorstep, and that means quick and easy contact with large numbers of affluent consumers. The whole Baltic Sea Region is home to some 100 million consumers.

Working together to generate results – we believe in progress and growth through partnership. CMP invests in port infrastructure and facilities along with our customers in line with current strategy and in order to generate new business. CMP puts a great deal of effort into encouraging long-term partnerships with our customers – and that produces results.

Our current customers – major international companies have set up in CMP in recent years. Toyota and Honda have concentrated their automobile distribution to the whole of the Nordic Region and Western Russia at CMP. Sony Nordic and the Spanish steel giant Acerinox are other distribution customers. UNICEF's world storehouse is also located at CMP.

Brian Kristensen, COO