COWI is a leading consultancy firm, which creates value added benefits for clients, citizens and the society by applying a 360 degree approach to finding solutions.

With world class experts in engineering, environment, climate, energy and social sciences we approach tje challenges from a range of different angles to create holistic solutions for our clients.

Our experts have helped client all over the world within areas sucs as port planning, maritime constructions, risc assessments, strategy, market evaluations as well as economic analysis.

We have offices all over the world, which we involve to give local insights in projects – large or small – to give the best solution. We are constantly involved in more than 17,000 projects. Our projects are both within specific maritime constructions as well as aimed at legal, planning, strategic, legislation and economic aspects and we have carry out several projects for e.g. the European Commission, which give us access to the most updated development within the maritime sector.

We have more than 80 year's experience in consulting, and COWI is leading within our field, because our 6,200 employees each within their field of expertise, are leading. Together with our clients we create a coherent and sustainable World.

Ole Kveiborg, Senior Consultant