DASPOS was founded in 2010 by Torben Jørgensen and Lars Gerner who have brought the product from concept level to the market. The LAS-10 solution is a fire-prevention solution. The functionality of the Leakage Alarm System builds on a very large amount of air flow - 10,000 liters per minute - which is led through a detection chamber and trough a specially designed steel mesh. The electronics in the detector combines and analyzes simultaneously the content of both gasses and oil sprays. A sudden increase of hydrocarbon gives a signal to the crew about the increased dangerous situation in the environment. 

No other solutions on the market combines these two detection methods, or even using differential pressure across a screen as an indicator for the fire and explosion risk. Moreover, the large air flow results in a much quicker indicator for potential risk than previously seen with other detection systems, detecting by i.e. light reflection or in a fraction of the analyzed air flowing through the detector.

The LAS-10 system was developed in close cooperation with leading ship owners in Denmark and has been tested and validated at the Technological Institute of Denmark. LAS-10 patent has been granted in USA, Europe, Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore and other key markets.
The initiative has received financial support from The Danish Maritime Fund and DASPOS was nominated to Entrepreneur of the Year, 2012.

LAS-10 was launched in 2011 and has since safeguarded a number of different ships, i.e container ships, offshore vessels, ferries and cruiseliners, tugs and rescue boats. LAS-10 is an ideal fire preventing solution for ship owners, liner companies, shipyards and ship designers as well as oil rigs and producers of wind mills.

Lars Gerner Lund, COO & Founder