Palantir Europe

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Palantir AS is the leading supplier of vessel IT infrastructure.

Through our industry standard KeepUp@Sea solution we standardize, simplify and automate vessel IT-management. 1000 vessels are currently subscribing to our solutions and services, and are in daily use by thousands of seafarers on vessels operating all over the globe.

In close cooperation with our customers we deliver the total platform with customization, IT equipment and logistics, installation onboard and operational services. Our vision is to go onboard a named vessel once and never again in a five year operational window.

Thereafter the vessel IT is operated remotely and our Dashboard collects information about and present the current status of the IT infrastructure and application portfolio onboard, including hardware alarms on the server side. A cost efficient solution, made for vessels, resulting in significant cost savings for our end customers.

Svend Lykke Larsen, Sales & Market Development Director