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ShipServ is the largest e-marketplace for the marine, oil and gas industries, connecting purchasers (shipowners, managers, yards and oil rigs) with suppliers of spares, stores and anything else that is used on a ship. In 2015, ShipServ facilitated US$2.6bn of annual trade from over 200 buying companies, managing over 9,000 vessels and trading with over 60,000 suppliers in over 100 countries around the world.
For purchasers, ShipServ works with existing ship management software and helps shipowners, managers and yards to cut OPEX in categories such as spares and stores, reduce cycle times by 30%, plus gain access to vital data intelligence.
For suppliers, ShipServ offers effective solutions to build their brands, get more RFQs, improve their quote rate and increase their win rate and ultimately win more orders with purchasers on a global scale.

Susanne Flett, Executive Assistance