Ab Ovo Nordic ApS

Ab Ovo Nordic is the fully owned subsidiary of Ab Ovo International in Rotterdam. Ab Ovo is an innovative business and software solutions provider for a broad range of logistic processes. We specializes in the fields of logistics consultancy and advanced planning and scheduling (APS) to deliver solutions for the operational needs of companies in the logistical and transport sectors. Our offer include ERP solutions for the rail sector (available as SaaS) and advanced planning and scheduling solutions, as well as supply analysis and optimization.

Since our founding in 1997, we have established ourselves as a leading knowledge and solution partner for customers active in the domain of rail, maritime, public transport, aviation ground services and logistics industry and we have offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, Boston and Shanghai. Within those core markets, we are a leader in the domain of digitalization and advanced planning and scheduling. All solutions are tailor-made to comply with customer needs based on modules of standardized industry solutions. These solutions are developed and delivered based on our experience in our core markets. 20 years of experience and an agile way of working allows us to implement customer specific solutions in a shorter time span than current industry average.

Håkan Franzén, Managing Director