Calm Water Crisis Consulting ApS

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Calm Water Crisis Consulting are your expert partner when it comes to preparing for and handling crisis situations. We help you navigate the voyage towards successful Crisis Management by ensuring your plans are solid and well exercised so customers appreciate your way of handling difficult situations.

A well prepared and solid crisis management plan and structure, that are practiced and tested regularly will enable you to respond in the best possible way to an unforeseen crisis situation and protect employees, reputation and your customers. In addition, it can lower the financial impact from the crisis situation and ultimately create additional business.

We provide solutions that can take you all the way to successful Crisis Management:

Identify Gaps

With our Audit methodology we go through your current Crisis Management setup and evaluate this against best practices. Based on the audit review we identify gaps and provide you with a guide for how you can improve.

Make it Happen

We create your Crisis Management Structure with you and help you implement it in your organization. We either take the outset in the gaps identified in our audit or from other activities you have done, or we can provide you with a full-scale Crisis Management implementation program where we are with you all the way.

Make it Stick

The key to successful Crisis Management is to ensure that key staff are well trained and that you have exercised your Crisis Management structure in all details. We provide you with exercise scenarios ranging from simple procedural exercises to full scale cross functional exercises. We help you facilitate the exercises and extract the best practices through a thorough post-exercise evaluation to ensure the continuous learning.

Get Support

We can help you manage specific incidents, or you can use us as sparring partner on crisis management related issues. We also have experience with control centers and can assist you with both implementation and processes for such if you need them for crisis or operational scenarios.

We serve all industries but have our outset in the Maritime industry where we have more than 30 years industry expertise.

Steffen Conradsen, Crisis Management Expert & CEO