Furetank Chartering Denmark A/S

Furetank is a full scale shipping company which can provide all services needed to meet the demands from existing and future customers. Among the services provided are technical, crewing, safety, vetting and chartering departments.

Together with 5 partners we operate a fleet of 33 tankers vessels  in the size from 6.500 – 37.000 Dwt. in the Gothia Tanker Alliance.

John Hansen, Vetting Manager

Furuno Danmark A/S

FURUNO DANMARK A/S (FDK) is a 100% subsidiary of FURUNO ELECTRIC CO. LTD. Our headquarter is in Hvidovre, Copenhagen. In Denmark, FDK has offices in Esbjerg and Skagen and employs approx. 55 employees in a range of maritime electronic disciplines, ensuring that FDK can meet all tasks from design to delivery and installation, service and operation of delivered solutions. We also are conducting courses and training for navigators and engineers by FURUNO own training facilities with bridgesimulators.

From our offices we employ an extensive sales and distribution network with more than 40 local retailers. FDK has subsidiaries in Sweden, Poland and Russia, and affiliated distributors and service centers in most of Eastern Europe and the North Atlantic.

Freddie Hansen, CEO


FMS - Fredericia College of Marine and Technical Engineering


Fredericia College of Marine and Technical Engineering (on a daily basis referred to as FMS) has two campuses in Southern Denmark, one in Fredericia and one in Esbjerg

Fredericia is part of the so-called Triangle Region in the heart of Denmark, which is an area defined by industry and growth. Furthermore, the Port of Fredericia is a dynamic shipping hub with a large container terminal.

Esbjerg is known for its vibrant oil and gas industry and the ever-expanding offshore industry. Denmark’s most significant players on the global energy market are based in Esbjerg. Furthermore, the Port of Esbjerg is the leading port in Europe when it comes to shipping wind turbines.

At FMS we offer the three-year Bachelor’s degree in Technology Management and Marine Engineering within which our students are able to choose between three electives:

  • A maritime elective preparing the graduate for work in the machine room of a vessel.

  • Optimisation of Energy and Maintenance, an elective for those who desire a career as a technical manager in e.g. a utility company or a production company.

  • The elective Energy at Sea for those who have a particular interest in the offshore industry.

All students are educated within subjects such as management and economy, thermal machines, boilers and turbines, pumps, cooling technology, hydraulics, automation and electrical engineering, the latter including the authorization as electrical contractor. FMS graduates are thus able to perform a wide variety of tasks and as such, they find employment in an equally wide variety of industries.

We are pleased to say that even though FMS has grown into a school of a considerable size, we still manage to maintain an intimate study environment. Our values are vital. They are: Competence, innovation, closeness and commitment.

Torben Dahl, Principal

FORCE Technology

Maritime industry
We provide advice and consulting services within the design of ships and harbours. We are experts in model testing ship construction and maritime installations and have, for example our own test tank and wind tunnel facilities where we can expose ship models to realistic wave, current and wind stress. Optimised design brings significant savings when it comes to the operation of ships and harbours.

Moreover, we offer supplementary training courses, which focus on, for example decision-making processes, communication and the relationship between man and machine. In the shipping industry itself, there is an increasing focus on the human factors and how these are most appropriately handled - we call this Human Factors Management.

Finally, we develop and market a number of maritime products for the shipping industry, for example simulators for officer training as well as onboard systems.

Examples of maritime services: 

  • Hydro and aerodynamic optimisation of the ship’s performance

  • Simulator systems (SimFlex)

  • Onboard systems (hard weather sailing, route planning, etc.)

  • Harbour layout

  • Human Factors Management (HFM)

FORCE Technology is one of the leading technological consulting and service companies in Denmark and on the international market. Our work is focused on transforming highly specialised engineering knowledge into practical and cost-efficient solutions for a broad section of businesses and industries. These are solutions which strengthen the customer’s competitiveness and are built on an understanding of the customer and industry, which we have acquired over more than 65 years. Our workforce numbers almost 1,000 employees, spread between the headquarters in Brondby and subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Russia and the USA.

Peter K. SørensenVice President, Business Unit Executive

Focus Advokater P/S


Our team of specialised lawyers provides legal services within all areas of commercial law, including ship finance and transport law, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, tax, insolvency, banking.

We communicate in English, German, French and Spanish, as well as the Scandinavian languages.

Our expertise in complex legal matters, coupled with our commitment to work closely with our clients to deliver commercially practical solutions, enables our clients to achieve their business objectives. 

Rune Aagaard, Partner, Lawyer

Fjord Line

FjordLine_logo_farge negativ_RGB.jpg

Fjord Line is a modern shipping company that offers safe and comfortable transport between Norway and the rest of Europe. The company is expanding rapidly as a result of additional tonnage and expansion of services for passengers and cargo carriers.

In addition to passenger traffic, Fjord Line carries all types of commercial vehicles and freight. These are handled by Fjord Line's cargo departments in Norway and Denmark.

Fjord Line was established in 1993 and has today around 600 employees, of which 170 work on land in Bergen, Stavanger, Egersund, Langesund, Kristiansand, Hirtshals, Sandefjord and Strömstad and 430 work at sea year-round. The workforce increases between April and September by about 150 employees.

Fjord Line has bonds listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Rickard Ternblom has been CEO of Fjord Line since 2015.

Fjord Line's fleet
In July 2013, the first of two new and environmentally friendly cruise ferries, MS Stavangerfjord was put in operation. Its sister ship MS Bergensfjord had its first sailing in March 2014. The ships service the routes between Bergen, Stavanger and Hirtshals, and between Hirtshals and Langesund with daily departures throughout the year.

A new route between Sandefjord in Norway and Strömstad in Sweden was launched on 20 June 2014. On this crossing a modernized MS Oslofjord makes two round trips a day all year round.

During the extended summer season, the high speed catamaran HSC Fjord Cat sails the express line between Kristiansand in Norway and Hirtshals in Denmark.

MS Stavangerfjord and MS Bergensfjord are the first and largest cruise ferries in the world to use "single fuelled LNG engines", meaning that the ships are powered exclusively by liquefied natural gas (LNG). This environmental initiative means that Fjord Line lies in the forefront of new and more stringent emissions regulations, and the environmental benefits will be welcomed along the coast and in the four ports served by the cruise ferries.

The major environmental benefits are:
92% reduction in NOx emissions
23% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
100% reduction in sulfur emissions
98% reduction in particle emissions

Morten Larsen, Directors, Projects



Fiskeriskolen EUC Nordvest

The Danish Fishing School is responsible for training and education of fishermen and employees of the coastal marine sector – eg employees at small ferries, pilots, emergency services, offshore wind parks etc.

The Danish fishing school in Thyborøn is the only one of its kind in Denmark

We also offer individually tailored skilled training as both a professional Fisherman, Fishmonger, Fish farming and Fishing tecnologists – a new bachelor education.

The school is located in Thyborøn, but we will hold training courses across the country, both from our training ships and from the premises, we rent for the purpose on location.

We offer both safety courses, training for commercial fishermen and a variety of training courses for employees and unemployed who seeks a skilled professional upgrade as a new and better platform to obtain employment.

The school has an annual capacity of teaching up to 800 students in various courses and professional training.

As the only fisheries school in Denmark we priorities to have high quality in our programs and teaching, and our programs are highly immediately applicable and transferable to the maritime trades.

We are also aware that the fishing industry is an international industry, so we have cooperation with other similar schools across Europe. This means that our teachers are up to date on international relations, but also that we can create contacts for students and trainees.

In Thyborøn, we have excellent training facilities, both in terms of theory classes, aswell as workshops.

Our training ship "Athene" can run courses in all fishing ports as requested, and is fort that equippet with the latest in educational materials.

The sea is a dangerous place of work. Consequently security is a higly prioritised agenda in the entire school. We ensure thorough instruction before practical exercises, our teaching environment is healthy and safe, and of course our alcohol and abuse policy supports and reflects this.

We are part of EUC Northwest - center for business and education - and as such we offers a variety of courses and programs related to the fishing trade aswell as the employees of the coastal marine sector in general. It can be management, finance, IT, language and practical education eg in transport, motor and hydraulics, safety at sea, life saving first aid at sea etc.

Søren Hyllen, Principal

Falck Formco A/S

Falck Formco is an engineering & trading company serving the marine industry, offshore industry and landbased production industry. Falck Formco is delivering outstanding marine, industry and offshore products and services.

Falck Formco is the distributor in Denmark for ITW Philadephis Resins (Chockfast) – with 40 years experience with Marine, Offshore and Industrial installations and applications.

With the long experience and wide range of selected product lines specialized for the Marine Industry, Offshore Industry and land based Industry Falck Formco is able to support your company with expert know how and high quality products and solutions.

When your ship needs accommodation for repair or service Falck Formco has connections Worldwide.

Thomas Falck, Managing Director & Owner


Fairwater Marine Brokers

Fairwater Marine Brokers are marine insurance specialists. We assist our clients with purchasing insurance as well as in everyday matters, claims or complicated marine insurance and casualty situations.

We always represent the client only and have the expertise, knowledge and experience to create the value for our client in everything we are entrusted to do for them.

Fairwater Marine Brokers work for 120 maritime clients such as shipowners, charterers, managers, shipyards, terminal operators in the region and worldwide. Over 600 ships are insured through us.

Fairwater Marine operate 5 offices in Aarhus, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Helsinki and Hong Kong, and in markets we are not present we work with our choice of networking partners to have the necessary global reach.    

Per Krahn, Partner & Director


Bornholmstrafikken was established back in 1866 by some local business people from the isle of Bornholm, who wanted to provide a more reliable ferry connection between the isle of Bornholm and the rest of Denmark. Originally, the company was called ”Dampskibsselskabet paa Bornholm of 1866” (“The steamship Company on Bornholm of 1866”), colloquially referred to as the ”66”-company.

Up until 1973, the shipping company was a privately owned limited company. When the Danish Government in 1973 took over the responsibility for servicing the isle of Bornholm, the company was renamed to its present name; Bornholmstrafikken, and it became a governmentally owned company under the Danish Ministry of Transport.

In 2003, Bornholmstrafikken’s ferry lines to the two cities Køge (Denmark) and Ystad (Sweden) were put out for tender. Bornholmstrafikken won the tender and, on 1 May 2005, the company became a public limited company. The development since has been rapid:

In 2007, Bornholmstrafikken A/S joined forces with Clipper A/S and formed the company Nordic Ferry Services, and the same year, Nordic Ferry Services won the tender for the ferry line between the city Sælvig on the Danish isle of Samsø and the city Hou in Jutland. This line is today called Samsøtrafikken. Samsøtrafikken is managed by Bornholmstrafikken.

The ferry line between Samsø and Zealand is owned by the company Samsø Linien. Bornholmstrafikken today manages this ferry line and, on 1 January 2010, Nordic Ferry Services formally took over this ferry line.

On 1 January 2008, Clipper A/S bought the shipping company Sydfynske A/S. The management of Sydfynske’s three ferry lines is handled by Bornholmstrafikken. At the same time, the ferry lines were renamed Alstrafikken, Fanøtrafikken and Langelandstrafikken.

In 2010 Nordic Ferry Services, Bornholmstrafikken and Sydfynske were merged into Færgen A/S.

John Steen-Mikkelsen, CEO

Danish Ferry Association/Færgerederierne

The Danish Ferry Association was founded as an employers’ organisation on February 16 1968. In 1975 it extended its activities and became a trade organisation.

The objective of the organisation is to unify Danish ferry owners with common interests. The organisations primary goal is to represent its members' interests to the public as well as to Danish and foreign authorities.

Thus, the Danish Ferry Association sits in  on councils, committees and other relevant fora to make its voice be heard. Furthermore it protects its members’ interests in all issues relating to employees and their organisations.

Jakob K. Clasen, Executive Director