Head Energy Denmark


Head Energy is an independent engineering- and technology company

Head Energy delivers:

(i) technical and management personnel, 
(ii) technology and products, 
(iii) engineering projects, and 
(iv) marine operations and logistics

Our market segments are:

(i) Oil & Gas,
(ii) Offshore Wind, and 
(iii) Civil Engineering

Anders Frederiksen, General Manager

Port of Horsens

horsens havn logo.png

Port of Horsens has in recent years specialized in supporting the local business community. The goods arriving at the port is either used or produced within 20 km of the harbour, whether it is wood chips for Horsens Heating, bulk or packaged goods. 

Thus the Port of Horsens is local, focussed and reduce road transport.

Claus Hom Christensen, Port Director

Port of Elsinore (Helsingør Havn)


Havnen er en kommunal selvstyre havn for skibe på mindst 10 m i længde.

Med mere end 500 m samlet kajlængde og fire flydebroer plus en 90 m lang flydebro kan havnen servicere de fleste typer af skibe.

Største kaj er str. 3 også kaldet Kongekajen, som kan modtage skibe op til 150 m i længde med max dybgang 6,5 m.

Som gæst i Helsingør Havn får du det hele. En kompakt bykerne med små gamle krogede gader og seværdigheder i verdensklasse.

Jesper Schrøder, Port Director

Helsingborgs Hamn AB

The Port of Helsingborg – The Container Specialist
The Port of Helsingborg is one of Sweden's largest ferry ports, a container specialist, and one of Northern Europe's leading ports. As a container specialist, we handle roughly 280,000 TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) by sea and about 170,000 TEU by land annually. Our 230 personnel handle about 8 million tons of goods every year. The Port of Helsingborg offers shipping offices, transporters, shipping agents and an attractive infrastructure with effective train, road and sea connections. Annually, the ferries between Helsingborg and Elsinore transport 8 million passengers and two million vehicles over one of the world’s busiest waterways. Helsingborgs Hamn AB is owned by the city of Helsingborg.

Bart Steijaert, Managing Director

Hauschildt Marine A/S

Hauschildt Marine.png

Hauschildt Marine A/S was founded in 1995 to provide Naval Archtect consulting services for Ship Yards and Ship Owners. The work ranges from small convertions exercises to total design and engineering packaged.
During the last few Years Hauschildt Marine have been more and more involved in the Offshore Oile & Gas Field.

Ship Projecting Newbuilding and rebuilding projects, specifications

Strength/construction solutions FEM analyses, vibration measurements and analyses, classification drawings, production drawings, materials: metals, composites

Drawing jobs Updating of existing drawings, transfer of manual drawings to CAD

Ship technical calculations Stability, hydrostatics, inclining tests, load line calculations/optimizing, speed and horse power, lines

Machinery Projecting of engine plant, arrangements, piping systems

Inspection Insurance inspection, repairs, newbuildings, thickness measurements, CSS manuals, noise measurements and analy

Peter Rytter Hauschildt, Founder


Hafnia Law Firm

Hafnia Law.jpg

HAFNIA LAW FIRM / HAFNIA ADVOKATFIRMA draws on almost 40 years experience in maritime law.

HAFNIA LAW FIRM builds on the concept of specialisation and is the consequence of a development that has also been seen abroad where maritime and transport departments of larger firms establish specialised firms with their own identity. In this day and age the professional client and not least his general counsellor realises the different branches of law and will readily seek specialist assistance.

HAFNIA LAW FIRM specialises in shipping matters, be it by air, land, sea or a combination and we service the industries relative to transport like owners and cargo interests, insurance companies, banks, yards, repairshops and trade houses; from the manufacturer or distributor to the retailer. We service the broker, the agent, the warehouse keeper and suppliers of goods and generally provide services to the shipping industry. We also assist our clients in company matters. Our services range from the contract formation to the dispute resolution.

Having studied maritime law at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime law in Oslo in 1973, Peter Schaumburg-Müller initially worked as a young lawyer and claims handler with Danish Shipowners Defence Association and Skuld P&I Club before establishing his own marine law firm in 1981 in association with 4 non marine law firms under the name Denlaw, originally the answer back of Peter’s telex machine!

The firm took a new direction when at the end of 2008 Mathias Steinø took employment with Peter and consolidated the existence of a genuine maritime practice. It was soon a reality that Mathias with his obvious skills added expansion to the firm and should become partner. The idea emerged that Copenhagen with its comprehensive shipping activities was ready for a dedicated shipping law firm. It was however clear that the firm needed to stand alone in new premises and with a new name. In this process of our momentum fortune threw Thomas Hansen our way. Thomas is committed to maritime and transportation law, having worked in this field for a number of years both with a major Danish bunker supplier and with the Danish full size law firm, Kromann Reumert where also Mathias originally worked.

In January 2010 we all agreed to launch the first specialised maritime law firm under the name HAFNIA LAW FIRM and in the new premises of Oestergade 22 in the center of the city of Copenhagen. The name HAFNIA being latin for Copenhagen, the Harbour of Merchants.

The firm was further developped as Alex Laudrup joined us in March 2011. Alex also started at Danish Shipowners Defence Association and Skuld in the early seventies. In 1982 he became the managing director of another defence club and worked also as a maritime lawyer. Alex later joined the full scale law firm Gorrissen Federspiel where he became partner and subsequently head of the maritime and transport department. Apart from being a busy lawyer, Alex is an experienced litigator and arbitrator and former president of the Danish Maritime Law Association (CMI), Denmark.

Anders Bjørn Munthe, Partner & Attorney-at-Law (L)

H. Folmer & Co.

H. Folmer & Co. is a Copenhagen based shipping company with root in the Danish maritime tradition. Chartering worldwide, managing owners and technical management are our core business areas.
We operate worldwide with a fleet consisting of 7 multi-purposed vessels in the tonnage class from 1600 to 2000 DWCC. Most of the vessels are IMO1-fitted, and the handling of IMO cargos worldwide is among our specialties.

The core businessess of H. Folmer & Co.:

  • Worldwide chartering: Our chartering department is always available for our customers, who can expect the very best solutions for their cargo. Our chartering brokers Jens Elkjaer and Per G. Rasmussen are highly skilled and both have long experience to draw upon in the planning of the individual freight.

  • Managing owners: At H. Folmer & Co. managing owners means technical management, crewing and chartering at very competitive prices.

Jacob Larsen, DP, CSO, Crew Manager