Maersk Supply Service A/S


Maersk Supply Service provides reliable, safe and efficient marine services and integrated solutions to the offshore energy sector worldwide

Our Vision: Actively taking part in solving the energy challenges of tomorrow
Our Mission: Building on our 50 year legacy, we support our customer's long-term success by offering safe and efficient offshore solutions, maximising value through aligned incentives

We serve the energy sector with a fleet of 44 vessels manned by more than 1,100 crew members and supported by around 200 onshore staff worldwide. Maersk Supply Service brings more than 50 year's hands-on marine experience in performing complex operations at sea.

Maersk Supply Service employs an international staff of around 1080 offshore and 210 onshore people. Headquartered in Lyngby, Denmark, Maersk Supply Service is represented globally with offices in Aberdeen, St. John's, Rio de Janeiro, Lagos, Luanda and Perth.

Jens Hovgaard Jensen, Chief HR Officer

Marine Fluid Technology A/S

Marine Fluid Technology.PNG

It is our ambition, to deliver innovative & user-friendly marine lubrication solutions, securing technical efficiencies and financial savings for our customers. At the same time, providing lubrication & sourcing flexibility on-board each vessel for ship owners & operators, going into 2020 fuel challenges.

Jens Byrgesen, Managing Director

Marcura Nordics ApS


The Marcura Group provides the maritime industry with specialized desk support services and Web-based platforms for port cost management, fixture documentation, voyage optimization, structured procurement, payment processing and decision support.

Marcura has earned the trust of its customers by delivering always-on, cost-effective business utilities whose value propositions are underpinned by principles of user-centered design, transparency, compliance and independence.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • DA-Desk

  • PortsDirect

  • PortPayables

  • CP-Desk

  • MarDocs

  • Laytime-Desk

  • Manifest-Desk

  • MarTrust

  • PortLog

Kim Ahler, Managing Director


MSL_stage3_final logos

MSL is one of the Nordic region’s leading strategic communications advisory firms with more than 200 consultants working in and out of our offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Gothenburg, Brussels and Copenhagen. We are engaged with companies including the maritime, the financial, the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. 

MSL Denmark counts 20+ consultants specialized in strategic communication, PR, PA, reputation, events, and social media - and most of all integrating it all.

MSL is Publicis Groupe’s strategic communication and engagement group and advisor in all aspects of communication strategy: from consumer PR to financial communication, from public affairs to reputation management and from crisis communication to event management. 

MSL was recently named by the Holmes Report as “Best Corporate Consultancy in the World”.

Kim Ege Møller, Director

Marlink/Telemar Group

Through its ownership of both Marlink and Telemar, Apax Partners has created a Group dedicated to providing the maritime industry with an integrated offering of broadband communications, digital solutions, bridge electronics and on-board maintenance. The Group is led by Erik Ceuppens as CEO.

Combining the power of these two long-term, expert organisations, Telemar and Marlink are the world’s leading maritime communication, digital solutions and servicing specialist covering all customer segments at sea including: Shipping, Offshore, Cruise & Ferry, Yachting and Fishing. The newly combined group will generate US $450 Million in revenues with more than 800 employees worldwide serving at least 1 in 3 vessels operating globally. The group will also continue to deliver the benefits of a digital and connected world to enterprise customers such as energy and mining companies, humanitarian organisations, global media and events companies.

The new Group will provide customers with unrivalled service and support through an enhanced global footprint and worldwide sales and service locations. A global 24/7 helpdesk, specialised competence centres, local presence on all continents and a network of 1000 service points staffed by highly qualified, certified service engineers, will support global customers to operate smarter and safer.

More than 70 years’ experience combined with strong satellite network operator and bridge electronics manufacturer partnerships enables the group to bring the power of broadband communication, maritime bridge technology and service excellence to customers globally, further optimising their business operations and enabling the digital vessels of tomorrow.

Niels Reuther, Regional Sales Manager

MOL Nordic Tankers A/S

MOL Nordic Tankers.jpg

MOL Nordic Tankers is a ship owning company operating one of the largest global chemical tanker fleets in the segment below 25,000 dwt. MOL Nordic Tankers has headquarters in Copenhagen and employs approx. 1,400 seafarers and approx. 210 shore based people in our 8 offices around the world. The core competence is to manage and operate - commercially and technically - highly sophisticated chemical tankers. MOL Nordic Tankers owns 32 chemical tankers and is owned by MOL Chemical Tankers.

Søren Andersen, Vetting, Safety & Quality Manager


Miracle Q-Inspect A/S


Miracle Q-inspect A/S er et stadigt voksende softwarehus, som blev grundlagt i 2010 som et datterselskab af IT-huset Miracle A/S. Med afsæt i Miracles IT-ekspertise og stifternes egne praktiske erfaringer med dokumentation og tilsyn har Miracle Q-inspect specialiseret sig i at udvikle mobilbaserede softwareløsninger til professionelt brug. Miracle Q-inspect arbejder ud fra en filosofi om, at IT skal være Nemt, Hurtigt, Sikkert og Bekvemt for at kunne bruges effektivt.

Miracle Q-inspect A/S udbyder to produkter; QReport og toolCHECK

QReport er et mobilbaseret IT-system, som virksomheder kan bruge til dokumentation og rapportering inden for mange forskellige funktionsområder. Med QReport kan man med Drag & Drop skræddersy egne apps, der skal danne rammen for en given dokumentationsprocedure. Efterfølgende kan QReport med ét klik automatisk generere en rapport ud fra den indsamlede information. Således kan QReport anvendes som et selvstændigt system eller fungere som en enterprise mobility-løsning, hvor QReport integreres med kundens eksisterende systemer.

toolCHECK er et mobilbaseret appsystem til styring og overvågning af materiel i alle afskygninger. Med toolCHECK kan virksomheder via påmonterede QR-koder holde en række oplysninger om materiellet opdaterede såsom lokalisering, levetid, bruger og tid til næste servicetjek.

Med Miracle Q-inspect får man en samarbejdspartner, som driver og supporterer under både planlægnings- og implementeringsfasen samt under en eventuel integrationsfase af QReport eller toolCHECK.

Miracle Q-inspect A/S is a growing software house founded in 2010 as a subsidiary of the IT house Miracle A/S. On the basis of Miracle's IT expertise and of Miracle Q-inspect's founders' own hands-on experience with documentation and supervision, Miracle Q-inspect has specialised in developing mobile software solutions for professional use. Miracle Q-inspect's work is driven by a philosophy that IT should be Easy, Fast, Safe and Convenient in order for it to be used effectively.
Miracle Q-inspect offers two products; QReport and toolCHECK

QReport is a mobile-based IT system that companies can use for documentation and reporting purposes within numerous different functional areas. With QReport, you can tailor own apps with Drag n' Drop. These apps provide the framework for any given documentation process. Subsequently, QReport can automatically generate a report with one click based on the information gathered. This way QReport can be used as a stand-alone system or work as an enterprise mobility solution where QReport integrates with the customer's existing systems.

toolCHECK is a mobile-based app system for control and monitoring of equipment in all its formsVia QR-codes, companies can stay updated about a variety of information about the equipment such as localisation, life span, user and time for next service check.
With Miracle Q-inspect you get a partner that runs the systems and supports in both the planning and implementation phase as well as in a potential integration phase of QReport or toolCHECK.

Max Laursen,CEO


The Danish Engineers’ Association (Maskinmestrenes Forening)

Maskinmester Forening.PNG

The Danish Engineers’ Association is a professional/technical association for Engineers and Dual Purpose Ship Officers, who are either educated or present students at Maritime Educational Institutions. The association has approx. 9.000 members, of which about 7.600 are employed, 850 are students, and 550 are senior members – retired engineers and ship officers.

The members are employed primarily within various technical and/or administrative positions. The engineers and ship officers are found within the Maritime Sector, in production units and service companies, in consulting companies, and in the public sphere e.g. at hospitals, in supply, inspection, defence and the education sector. Of the active members 70% are employed ashore, while 30% are employed at sea.

The association offers personal legal advice and economical guidance regarding all aspects of individual payment and conditions of work. The Danish Engineers’ Association negotiates, denounces, and enters collective agreements on behalf of its members.

The Danish Engineers’ Association closely monitors the development of the labour market and the market contours in general, and thereby helps ensure optimal employment conditions for engineers in the Danish society. This includes information and guidance on employment possibilities, career development, salary adjustment and in-service training. The association also takes part in developing the education of the engineers, which helps keep tuition and the training of students at pace with modern standards and in accordance with the needs of the labour market.

The Danish Engineers’ Association maintains the interests of the engineers both domestically and internationally. This is done by council in relevant boards and committees, and by close cooperation with related organisations, which influence the situation and circumstances involving marine engineers and ship officers. The Danish Engineers’ Association is party-politically neutral and economically independent.

Jan Rose Andresen, Chairman

Copenhagen School of Marine Engineering and Technology Management (MSK)

In 1906 MSK opened the doors for the Marine Engineer education. The college is based on more than 100 years of expertise in educating marine engineers who have all the qualifications which the business and industry want. MSK is one of the largest Marine Engineer colleges in Denmark and it is the only one of its kind on Zealand.

Since 1912 MSK has also educated authorized electricians, implying that we have a very large base of experience to offer the studying electricians.

In January 2005 MSK moved to new quarters at DTU. The relocation has implied that MSK is able to utilize the advantages which an education in vicinity of researh may give.

The objective of the college is to be known as a professionally skilled college of high quality, geared to the future. Our main area is to educate marine engineers and authorized electricians.
Our quality objective is to be user- friendly and a provider of educational services of quality which are in accordance with the standards from the Danish Maritime Authority and the Department of Education.

Erik Andreassen, Principal


At MARTEC we educate people to work in the maritime industry on land and at sea. We offer a wide range of educations and courses. For instance: engineering, high school exam combined with seamanship and education of seamen. The students in our high school program and the seamen trainees can include a voyage on the training ship DANMARK in their education. Our course department frequently arranges courses in: seamanship, welding, safety in the offshore-industry and a lot more. We are always willing to arrange courses specially designed to fit a companies needs.


Pia Ankerstjerne, CEO

Marstal Navigationsskole


 Maritime Courses
Marstal Navigationsskole is a Danish nautical training institute combining state-of-the-art education with the proud tradition of its long history. The institute has been located in Marstal on the island of Ærø in Denmark since 1860 and has been constantly upgraded and expanded up until today. The institute offers all kinds of maritime training and education and specializes in supplementary training courses. All courses are approved by the Danish Maritime Authority and they are taught by a team of professionals guaranteed to be up-to-date with the latest developments. Supplementary training Marstal Navigationsskole has profound expert knowledge in the area of supplementary training. All courses are tailor-made to fit the demands of our customers – shore staff as well as seafarers.

Marstal Navigationsskole offers E-learning for a number of topics. The E-learning concept offers the students the opportunity to plan their studying in their own time all over the world. The employer gets the advantage of lower costs compared to traditional courses and much more planning flexibility.

Distance learning
An excellent option with crew and office staff located all around the world. Customers get the best of both worlds with a live instructor and huge savings on travel and accomodation.

Jeppe Carstensen, Principal

Maritime Danmark ApS


 Maritime Denmark is the leading Danish Maritime Media House.

The Media House Maritime Denmark runs www.maritimedanmark.dk and
www.maritimedenmark.dk with more than 350.000 visits per month, with approx. 85.000 unique. Our users spend in average 6 min. on the website. Both sites are available in tablet and mobile versions. 

On top of this, Maritime Denmark publish three professional magazines:

  • The Magazine Maritime Danmark

  • Danish Maritime Magazine

  • Fiskerbladet

We run two discussion groups on LinkedIn (Danish/English), 2 pages on facebook (Danish/English) and stream continually our news on Twitter. 

If you want to communicate with the maritime business, Maritime Denmark is your one stop solution. Through dialogue with our experienced consultants, you will be able to get a solutions tailor-made to meet your demand. 

You can advertise in the medias from time to time - or you can consider joining us for a Full Flex Partnership. It is a solution where we create the best possible campaign in order to reach your targets within the next year and you will then pay a low monthly payment. 

Rene Wittendorff, CEO


 MARCOD is a national research centre supporting the Danish maritime service and equipment industry by facilitating innovation within the companies, transforming new ideas to competitive products, services and business concepts within environmental optimisation and operation, or other potential market segments for Danish maritime companies.  

Moreover, MARCOD supports maritime companies in finding relevant cooperation partners within the The Blue Denmark as well as outside Denmark. 

MARCOD was founded end of 2010, organised as a foundation and based in Frederikshavn. 


Christine Lunde, CEO


Ministry of Transport, Building, and Housing

Transport.... ministry.png

Et moderne samfund kan ikke fungere uden mobilitet. Som individer skal vi kunne bevæge os fra ét sted til et andet, og produkter skal transporteres mellem leverandører og producenter og ud til forbrugerne - der skal være mulighed for mobilitet. Transportministeriet arbejder for at skabe gode rammer for transport. Dette indebærer planlægning, drift og vedligeholdelse af infrastruktur, tilsyn og rammedannelse af transportsektorer, herunder skibsfart.

Transportministeriet er den øverste danske statslige myndighed inden for transport med transportministeren som kompentecehaver.

Transportministeriet består af et departement med en række nævn, råd, styrelser, selskaber og virksomheder.

Transportministeriet varetager ejerskabet af en række selskaber, der ledes og drives af en bestyrelse og en direktion.


  • Sund & Bælt Holding A/S (Ejerandel 100 pct.)

  • Bornholmstrafikken Holding A/S (Ejerandel 100 pct.)

  • PostNord AB (Ejerandel 40 pct.)

Virksomheder med Transportministeriets deltagelse:

  • DSB (Selvstændig offentlig virksomhed). (Ejerandel 100 pct.)

  • Naviair (Selvstændig offentlig virksomhed. (Ejerandel 100 pct.)

  • Udviklingsselskabet By & Havn I/S (Ejerandel 45 pct.)

  • Metroselskabet I/S (Ejerandel 41,7 pct.)

Jakob Visti Eriksen, Fuldmægtig