Percepti Global

"Information without execution is poverty. We’re drowning in information, but we’re starving for wisdom.”
Tony Robbins

As a leader in performance improvement we help organisations transform their results by closing the gap between what people know and what they execute on.

This always has the basis and focus of communication in everything we do. The work is varied, whether it's improving how team's works better together or how a CEO and his team are presenting and communicating their strategy to improving sales results- we can help.

We've helped thousands of CEO's, Leadership Teams, Managers, Sales People, Engineers improve their results through highly customised programmes including many from the maritime industry. 

We're a small focused consultancy working in both Danish and English, headquartered in Copenhagen but operating globally.

Chris Rycroft, Senior Partner

Peter Madsen Rederi A/S

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Peter Madsen A/S is a privately owned company, which since 1954 has specialised in all forms of marine construction works and support.  This includes seabed preparations for offshore windfarms, cable routes and transformer stations, capital and maintenance dredging, placement of scour and wave protection stone, pipe and cable laying as well as driving of piles and sheet piles.

PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S has control over a large fleet of working vessels with the capability of executing many different types of offshore work. Every individual vessel has its own specialist strength and function. This breadth of experience and expertise within the fleet means that we can match every job to the ship that best suits its individual needs and requirements. We also understand the importance of ensuring that every vessel is equipped with the best available machinery and technology.

PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S believes that the quality of the works carried out is dependent upon the competence of our staff. Through a programme of training and education we give our staff the necessary experience and professionalism required to ensure that the works are correctly and conscientiously carried out.

Stringent control, with a constant eye on the quality of the finished work is the foundation on which we carry out all our operations. We understand the importance of completing projects on programme and within budget. This is vital both for our clients and ourselves.

Toni Larsen

PJ Diesel Engineering A/S

PJ Diesel Engineering A/S was established in 1978 and is a Danish engineering and reconditioning supplier of fuel injection and turbocharger parts for diesel and gas engines for ships, power stations and oil rigs.

They offer reconditioning of used or damaged components, as well as a comprehensive scope of standard replacement parts for turbochargers, fuel injection equipment, governors. They also recondition engine components, e.g. cylinder covers, cylinder liners, pistons, connecting rods and exhaust valve cages.
PJ Diesel Engineering A/S is the Danish representative of a number of internationally known high quality engine equipment suppliers, e.g. Woodward and RE governors, LEMAG measuring equipment and fuel conditioning equipment and WR Systems Emsys emissions measuring equipment.

Our expert engineers provide maintenance programs designed for your specific overhaul needs and we offer training of your crew as part of our client program service. We believe that high-quality reconditioning is an essential means to decrease costs and improve the performance and quality of your original components.

Focus on repair and product supervision is a fundamental element of our recycling strategy. At PJ Diesel Engineering A/S we are concerned about more and better environmental solutions. This includes offering engine condition monitoring systems, emissions monitoring systems and performance analysis.
It is our objective to continuously include forefront technology that improves environmentally friendly initiatives within our industry.

PJ Diesel Engineering A/S cooperates with a trusted international network of manufacturers and service stations to meet your acute need for replacement parts and services around the clock. Additionally, our warehouse facilities in Copenhagen harbor, close to Copenhagen Airport, stock a large number of parts for leading ship owners in order to secure fast and reliable 24 hour delivery 7 days a week.

Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen, General Manager, Marketing, IT, Admin & Innovation


Palantir Europe

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Palantir AS is the leading supplier of vessel IT infrastructure.

Through our industry standard KeepUp@Sea solution we standardize, simplify and automate vessel IT-management. 1000 vessels are currently subscribing to our solutions and services, and are in daily use by thousands of seafarers on vessels operating all over the globe.

In close cooperation with our customers we deliver the total platform with customization, IT equipment and logistics, installation onboard and operational services. Our vision is to go onboard a named vessel once and never again in a five year operational window.

Thereafter the vessel IT is operated remotely and our Dashboard collects information about and present the current status of the IT infrastructure and application portfolio onboard, including hardware alarms on the server side. A cost efficient solution, made for vessels, resulting in significant cost savings for our end customers.

Svend Lykke Larsen, Sales & Market Development Director