Rainmaking Innovation ApS


Rainmaking is a global cooperative of entrepreneurs running startups and innovation programs in more than 40 countries. We bring extensive success from Startup bootcamp, Rainmaking Innovation and our own startup experience to move the transport, maritime and logistics industries forward.

Nicklas Viby Fursund

ReFlow Maritime

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ReFlow Maritime is a fast growing start-up offering consultancy and digital tools for maritime stakeholders to harvest the benefits of circular economy. The maritime industry is currently experiencing a digitalization trend on a variety of areas i.e. increased compliance requirements and environmental focus. The need for a new digital platform to support the rapidly changing industry is evident, especially within the segment of vessel components & maintenance.

Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen, CEO


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About the Company 
Reflect-Consulting is a consultancy company established in 2016. The purpose is to assist Danish and foreign companies in following areas: 

  • Advisory

  • Consultancy

  • Auditing 

  • Company Representation

Our mission is to help companies towards an improved work process and add value to the customer as well as to ourselves as a Company. No jobs are too big or too small.

You are welcome to contact us. We can find a solution to your problem!

Core Competencies
The company is servicing within the Maritime World, the Oil and Gas industry as well as within the Wind Energy Sector.

We have experience within:

  • FEED, Engineering and commissioning

  • As built verification

  • Maritime operations and training

  • Oil & Gas operations and training

  • Owner, builder as well as supplier support

  • General auditing, advisory, consultancy, training

  • Offshore Stability training

  • Quality management preparations management systems within ISO9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; ISO 45001:2018

  • Risk management assessments

  • 3D Modelling reviews

  • Workshop facilitations

  • Compliance evaluations and audits

  • NORSOK Working Environment S-002, Lifting equipment R-002, Technical Safety S-001

  • Representation and sales of Innovative products within the Safety & Lifting Industry

Dirk Jørgen Boock, Director & Owner

Rohde Nielsen A/S


Rohde Nielsen A/S operates a fleet of more than 40 specially built versatile vessels operating world wide as dredging and marine contractors. Our main areas of operation are coastal protection performed by beach nourishment, contributions to the development and extensions of ports as well as land reclamation. We also operate our trailing dredgers on projects for offshore trenching and other seabed preparation work just as we provide services for pipeline landfalls.

Lone Voigt Starris, General Counsel

RelyOn Nutec Denmark A/S

RelyOn Nutech uden Falck.PNG

RelyOn Nutec Esbjerg (formerly Falck Safety Services) ensures that your business has the competence to prevent, handle and learn from critical events. We achieve this through building knowledge and experience with realistic scenarios. With over 40 years’ experience from both offshore and maritime industries, RelyOn Nutec Esbjerg has acquired the competence to meet local, as well as international, requirements.

With decades of experience, we help people & businesses improve safety with a 360 degree safety culture and full safety service delivery.

  • We train people to be safety & technical leaders in their field

  • We help business stay safe beyond regulatory requirements

  • We identify competence gaps and help address them

  • We improve safety processes & mindset

  • We prepare you for the unexpected 

You can rely on us to take a 360 degrees perspective on safety, uncovering all the potential risks in a client’s organization. This includes uncovering risks that the business themselves might not be aware of.

Our Esbjerg location is one of 33 locations in 20 countries. Each year, over 250 000 delegates choose to complete their safety training at one of our training centres worldwide. Through professional training and consulting we address the safety concerns within both private and public organisations, with focus on preventative measures, active safety procedures and work environment (HSE).

Claus Nexø Hansen, Managing Director

Port of Randers

Randers Havn er en kommunal selvstyrehavn med en havnebestyrelse bestående af 5 byrådsmedlemmer, en repræsentant for arbejdstager samt en repræsentant for arbejdsgiver.

Randers Havn danner grundlag for en lang række virksomheder, hvoraf størstedelen er afhængig af havnens services og faciliteter. Virksomhederne danner grundlag for en samlet beskæftigelse på ca. 600 personer, mens der i afledte erhverv er ca. 600 beskæftigede.  Sammenlagt giver Randers Havn således anledning til en beskæftigelse på godt 1.200 personer. Disse arbejdspladser har en produktionsværdi på ca. 1,6 mia. kr. og skaber indkomster på knap 800 mio. kr.

Af denne grund fik Randers Havn overrakt Randers Erhvervspris 2012. Erhvervsdirektør Per Søndergaard begrundede valget af havnen med, at ”Havnen har det hele. Byens puls og hjerteslag. Et vækstlokomotiv. En oplevelseskatalysator. Et åndehul. En god forretning.” Kommunen har udpeget Randers Havn til et af de fire vækstlokomotiver, der skal skabe vækst og udvikling i Randers.

Og så er havnen ambitiøs. Havnen vil igennem en længere årrække flytte ud på et nyt område øst for den eksisterende havn. Arealet er på næsten 1 mio. m2. En samlet investering på 1 mia. kr

John Morgen, Port Director

Rina Denmark ApS


We provide a wide range of services across the Energy, Marine, Certification, Transport & Infrastructure and Industry sectors.

RINA is the excellence behind excellence, a global corporation that leads industries to success. We work closely with customers, assisting them in the most effective, safe and sustainable way across the Energy, Marine, Certification, Transport & Infrastructure and Industry sectors.

Through a global network of 3.700 talented professionals, operating in 170 offices in 65 countries, we back up the market operators across the entire lifecycle of their projects.

We boast more than 30.000 km of inspected and supervised pipelines, more than 250 certified and requalified platforms and more than 100 LNG projects.

Authorized to act on behalf of over 110 Flag States, we have classified more than 5.600 ships, totaling 36.8 M GT, and more than 1.300 yachts, and we are 1st World ranked for ferries classification.

We issued more than 36.000 product certificates, more than 28.000 management systems certificates and we performed 150.000 laboratory tests.

Transport & Infrastructure
We partnered on more than 700 projects for railway lines, trains and metro,  we certified more than 695.000 sqm of sustainable buildings and, with regard to Defence projects, we performed 50+ Combat System Integration Studies.

We contributed to the development of more than 200 new prototypes and products, as well as more than 10 innovative alloys and special steel, and held more than 1200 AIM orders.

V. Dario Barbaro, Marine Manager Denmark, Faroe Islands & Norway

Royal Arctic Line

RAL logo Red

Royal Arctic Line is Greenland's principal shipping line. A fleet of modern cargo vessels operates a liner service between 13 ports in Greenland and foreign destinations. The company also provides a full range of forwarding and storage services and undertakes specialist transport and support assignments for official Greenland agencies and private-sector companies. Royal Arctic Line is owned by the Government of Greenland.

In the harsh conditions of the Arctic, special resources, experience and skills are necessary to operate shipping and forwarding services at the levels of efficiency and reliability expected by the world business community.

Royal Arctic Line's fleet of specially strengthened vessels and modern on-shore handling equipment are operated by employees who have the training, experience and the motivation to serve their international customers and the local Greenlandic communities. And we take pride in doing the best possible job.

A modern fleet

Royal Arctic Line's fleet of five modern cargo vessels, of which three have double hulls, have been built to withstand the harshest imaginable climatic conditions. They are equipped with state-of-the-art control and navigational instrumentation, as well as with on-board container-handling equipment that make them independent of on-shore handling facilities.

A full range of services

Royal Arctic Line's range of activities goes far beyond the provision of liner services. They also include:

  • Forwarding, distribution, and storage

  • Support for oil and minerals exploration

  • Logistics services for civil engineering projects

  • Ice surveillance

  • Historical and geological research

Efficiency in every task, large or small

One of Royal Arctic Line's important strengths lies in the fact that our customers range in size from the world's largest companies to individuals living in Greenland's small coastal communities. On one hand, this means that we must maintain levels of service and efficiency that satisfy the most rigorous international standards. On the other, we recognise the importance of the personal touch.

We have made a substantial investment in the handling and storage facilities at our on-shore sites which, as a result, are among the most up-to-date in the world. Our computerized management system ensures that every consignment is fully documented and monitored in detail from beginning to end

Jens Boye, Driftchef/Fleet Manager

Royal Greenland A/S


The Royal Greenland Trade Department had a state monopoly until 1950 and existed up to 1985, when it was converted to the export company Proeks (later Royal Greenland). Soon after, Royal Greenland was established as a trademark for Greenlandic articles of particular high quality. In 1979, the Greenland Home Rule Government took over the corporation and in 1990, it was formed as an independent limited company. Today, Royal Greenland is considered the economic flagship of Greenland.

For centuries, Royal Warrants have been granted to companies and individuals servicing and supplying the Royal Family and the Royal Household. In 1985, Royal Greenland was granted such a warrant and we are proud to be a steady supplier of quality seafood to the Royal Danish Court.

Royal Greenland aspires to meet the needs of the modern consumer. We do so by combining our unique history and our high standards of quality with the finest seafood from Greenland and around the world.

We offer a broad range of the finest seafood

With our broad product range, we offer a delivery of seafood and convenience products to both retail trade and the food service industry. We are the world’s largest supplier of cold water prawns and among the top ten seafood producers. Our wide assortment is continuously adapted to meet the needs of the market and our customers.

Delivery reliability and local presence

Quality, trustworthiness and delivery reliability are key concepts for Royal Greenland. We trust in local knowledge and we do our business with local presence and experience. That is why Royal Greenland has local sales offices in several European countries, as well as in Japan and China. We also have our own processing facilities in Greenland, Denmark, Germany, Poland and Canada.

Jens Bisgaard, Fleet Director


Port of Rønne A/S

Rønne Havn.PNG

Being the largest and oldest port on the island of Bornholm with fine access and natural port conditions, the Port of Roenne is a natural pivotal location in the history of Bornholm and Roenne.

The Port of Roenne has always served as the gate to Bornholm and as a major driver of growth and development on the island in the Baltic Sea. As such, the Port has served as income generator to the benefit of the entire island and its population.

For centuries, the Port of Roenne has been the key access point to the community of Bornholm, and its importance to the society of Bornholm is now clearly evident from a recent independent analysis.

The analysis shows that around 1,850 people earn their living directly or indirectly from the Port of Roenne. Overall, the Port's activities contribute an impressive DKK 4.1 billion to Bornholm's national income accounts, or 20% of Bornholm's GDP.

Today, the Port of Roenne is a private limited company and may be characterized as one of the large workplaces on the island of Bornholm. The port of Roenne handles more than 3,000 arriving ships a year with the amount of cargo totaling more than 1.4 million tons. More than 1.5 million passengers and just under 345,000 cars passed through the Port in 2015.

Thomas Bendtsen, CEO