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Rainmaking Innovation ApS


Rainmaking is a global cooperative of entrepreneurs running startups and innovation programs in more than 40 countries. We bring extensive success from Startup bootcamp, Rainmaking Innovation and our own startup experience to move the transport, maritime and logistics industries forward.

Nicklas Viby Fursund

Percepti Global

"Information without execution is poverty. We’re drowning in information, but we’re starving for wisdom.”
Tony Robbins

As a leader in performance improvement we help organisations transform their results by closing the gap between what people know and what they execute on.

This always has the basis and focus of communication in everything we do. The work is varied, whether it's improving how team's works better together or how a CEO and his team are presenting and communicating their strategy to improving sales results- we can help.

We've helped thousands of CEO's, Leadership Teams, Managers, Sales People, Engineers improve their results through highly customised programmes including many from the maritime industry. 

We're a small focused consultancy working in both Danish and English, headquartered in Copenhagen but operating globally.

Chris Rycroft, Senior Partner

Calm Water Crisis Consulting ApS

Logo - positive.png

Calm Water Crisis Consulting are your expert partner when it comes to preparing for and handling crisis situations. We help you navigate the voyage towards successful Crisis Management by ensuring your plans are solid and well exercised so customers appreciate your way of handling difficult situations.

A well prepared and solid crisis management plan and structure, that are practiced and tested regularly will enable you to respond in the best possible way to an unforeseen crisis situation and protect employees, reputation and your customers. In addition, it can lower the financial impact from the crisis situation and ultimately create additional business.

We provide solutions that can take you all the way to successful Crisis Management:

Identify Gaps

With our Audit methodology we go through your current Crisis Management setup and evaluate this against best practices. Based on the audit review we identify gaps and provide you with a guide for how you can improve.

Make it Happen

We create your Crisis Management Structure with you and help you implement it in your organization. We either take the outset in the gaps identified in our audit or from other activities you have done, or we can provide you with a full-scale Crisis Management implementation program where we are with you all the way.

Make it Stick

The key to successful Crisis Management is to ensure that key staff are well trained and that you have exercised your Crisis Management structure in all details. We provide you with exercise scenarios ranging from simple procedural exercises to full scale cross functional exercises. We help you facilitate the exercises and extract the best practices through a thorough post-exercise evaluation to ensure the continuous learning.

Get Support

We can help you manage specific incidents, or you can use us as sparring partner on crisis management related issues. We also have experience with control centers and can assist you with both implementation and processes for such if you need them for crisis or operational scenarios.

We serve all industries but have our outset in the Maritime industry where we have more than 30 years industry expertise.

Steffen Conradsen, Crisis Management Expert & CEO

Marine Fluid Technology A/S

Marine Fluid Technology.PNG

It is our ambition, to deliver innovative & user-friendly marine lubrication solutions, securing technical efficiencies and financial savings for our customers. At the same time, providing lubrication & sourcing flexibility on-board each vessel for ship owners & operators, going into 2020 fuel challenges.

Jens Byrgesen, Managing Director

ReFlow Maritime

ReFlow Maritime.PNG

ReFlow Maritime is a fast growing start-up offering consultancy and digital tools for maritime stakeholders to harvest the benefits of circular economy. The maritime industry is currently experiencing a digitalization trend on a variety of areas i.e. increased compliance requirements and environmental focus. The need for a new digital platform to support the rapidly changing industry is evident, especially within the segment of vessel components & maintenance.

Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen, CEO

Nautix Technologies IVS


We provide a modern ship-centric operations management application for shipowners and managers; A cloud-based modern web platform built for sustainable future.

The solutions is designed for the mariners by mariners to drive user behaviour towards consistent safety performance and efficiency by leveraging a pro-active operational planning, prediction and execution approach.

Tarang Valecha, Founder & CEO


Reflect-Consulting Company Logo.jpg

About the Company 
Reflect-Consulting is a consultancy company established in 2016. The purpose is to assist Danish and foreign companies in following areas: 

  • Advisory

  • Consultancy

  • Auditing 

  • Company Representation

Our mission is to help companies towards an improved work process and add value to the customer as well as to ourselves as a Company. No jobs are too big or too small.

You are welcome to contact us. We can find a solution to your problem!

Core Competencies
The company is servicing within the Maritime World, the Oil and Gas industry as well as within the Wind Energy Sector.

We have experience within:

  • FEED, Engineering and commissioning

  • As built verification

  • Maritime operations and training

  • Oil & Gas operations and training

  • Owner, builder as well as supplier support

  • General auditing, advisory, consultancy, training

  • Offshore Stability training

  • Quality management preparations management systems within ISO9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; ISO 45001:2018

  • Risk management assessments

  • 3D Modelling reviews

  • Workshop facilitations

  • Compliance evaluations and audits

  • NORSOK Working Environment S-002, Lifting equipment R-002, Technical Safety S-001

  • Representation and sales of Innovative products within the Safety & Lifting Industry

Dirk Jørgen Boock, Director & Owner



Established in 1994, Dualog provides a maritime digital platform which ensures that internet, email and cloud services work reliably and securely onboard. We enable and optimise all the IT services and tools you need for efficient management of your vessels. Our solutions are installed on more than 3000 ships in worldwide trades.

Dualog is recognised for assisting customers by providing streamlined operations, a guaranteed service uptime of 99,5%, and a 24/7 operational support team. Dualog offers solutions for resilient cyber infrastructure and our innovative solutions are created in a passionate in-house research and development environment.

Walter Hannemann, Product Manager


virsabi logo.png

Virsabi is a virtual reality studio. A technology house of developers and creatives, and one of the first Virtual Reality dedicated companies, offering business consultancy, advisory work and technical development for the utilization of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

In the maritime industry we work with clients such as Maersk Supply Service, Maersk Training and MAN Energy Solutions.

Jens Lauritsen, Chief Product Officer

Head Energy Denmark


Head Energy is an independent engineering- and technology company

Head Energy delivers:

(i) technical and management personnel, 
(ii) technology and products, 
(iii) engineering projects, and 
(iv) marine operations and logistics

Our market segments are:

(i) Oil & Gas,
(ii) Offshore Wind, and 
(iii) Civil Engineering

Anders Frederiksen, General Manager


C-LOG is a Danish tech startup developing innovative digital solutions for the maritime industry. Our goal is to facilitate transparent collaboration among industry stakeholders.

Our mission is to set a new maritime industry standard for identity verification and competence & compliance assessment. One that is fast, transparent and secure.

We have developed a secure digital platform that can verify crew- identity, capacity and competencies (certificates, credentials and record of seagoing service). The purpose is to automate compliance processes and optimize capacity and competence management across the maritime industry. The platform helps maritime companies comply with the increasing number of rules and regulations in the international maritime industry.

Kristina Lynge, Managing Director

Blue Technology

Bluetechnology logo kopi.jpg

Blue Technology has developed a new type of ship, which can operate zero emission and without the use of ballast water.

“ZEV Liberty” is a 198 meters trimeran, powered by the wind and solar energy. The main propulsion is delivered by two 110 meters wing-sails assisted by 4 electric driven azimuth propellers, and we have a payload capacity and performance that we expect to be competitive with the current fleet transporting light weight commodities.

We have set up at “Proof of Concept” study, that we expect to finish before the end of 2019, giving us some data on how much energy we can store when we have sufficient wind. We aim to have a full scale zero emission ships by 2024.

Brian Boserup, Owner and CEO

BLUE Consulting


BLUE Consulting support and facilitate maritime organisations and businesses with management consultancy services, primarily strategy development and execution, business development and analysis. It is all about optimising existing business and unlocking new business potentials.

Carsten Ellegaard, Managing Partner

Vento Maritime ApS


Vento Maritime ApS is a weather service company and was founded in January 2017 by Carsten N. Kofoed and Hans Christian Hansen. Together they have more than 20 years of experience in the maritime business within meteorology, oceanography and operational services. We are dedicated to helping maritime customers save fuel and time while improving safety at sea - and we only have focus on maritime customers.

Our marine forecasters are dedicated meteorologists with years of experience in understanding the needs of maritime customers. Our team is passionate about excellent customer service and the art of communicating meteorological and oceanographic uncertainties in order to provide timely, essential and accurate decision support to our customers.

Business sectors Vento Maritime serves include:
• Shipping
• Offshore Renewable Energy
• Offshore Oil and Gas
• Marine Transport
• Dredging

Hans Christian Hansen, Founder and Director of Operations



The organization was founded in 2011 and contains five divisions, three in Denmark, one in Great Britain and one in Poland.

We deliver our services world wide and cover, intelligence, physical security and cyber defence.

EAGLE SHARK’s professional operators come from diverse, highly specialised backgrounds

“A safe working environment ensures productivity”

Codex: Discretion, quick response, highest level of tactical planning and execution.

Christian Spohr, Managing Director & Co-Founder


Scoutbase logo.png

Scoutbase is a startup on a mission to help the maritime and offshore industries to create resilient and safe work and production environments in the face of a complex and ever-changing world. 

Based on contemporary safety science, we are developing an engaging human-centered IT-based tool that makes it easy for organizations to acquire, share and apply relevant knowledge from the field of operations. To create the best-informed solutions to the organization's safety-related challenges and to better identify and assess risk, dynamically. Scoutbase allows for employee involvement in safety development at an entirely new level and invites safety management to work more data-driven and process-supportive. Big data about contextual conditions that shape work are collected systematically and continuously and presented close to real-time. The collection takes place intuitively and easily so that a minimum amount of time is consumed and the data representation quantifies and qualifies the issues and supports a targeted, in-depth, problem understanding and solution process.

Mads Ragnvald Nielsen, Co-Founder & CEO

4C Strategies

4C logo.jpg

4C Strategies is a leading international provider of software solutions and consulting services in the areas of Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, Incident and Crisis Management, Exercise Management as well as Audit and Compliance Management. Our tools and services are based on internationally recognized methods and standards and are tailored to the specific needs of each customer. As management consultants and suppliers of software systems, we provide our public and private sector clients with the skills, tools and End-to-End solutions enabling them to deliver their strategic and operational objectives.

4C Strategies is an innovative company and it has been the ambition to grow since the establishment in 2000. Today with offices in Washington D.C., London, Warminster, Stockholm, and Malmo.

With over 150 consultants and a global network of associated experts, we provide clients with solutions that support the building, verification, and tracking of all forms of Readiness capability.

Jonatan Jürisoo, Head of Global Sales Operations