Drivers for Blue Growth Conference rapport

DG MARE conference rapport 


On 6th October 2015, the conference “Drivers for Blue Growth in the Baltic Sea Region” gathered 130 stakeholders in Copenhagen to discuss the three main pillars of the Blue Growth agenda: fostering an innovative and green Blue Economy, providing access to finance for maritime sectors, and addressing skills and qualification. The conference outcomes will inform the next steps towards stakeholder-driven 'Master Plans'/ coordinated stakeholder roadmaps in priority areas of blue growth in the Baltic Sea Region and possibly other sea-basins.

Organisers were the European Commission Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG Mare), Maritime Development Center of Europe (MDCE), Danish Maritime Authority and Baltic Development Forum.

A section of the conclusions are:

  • There appears to be relevant funding available for Blue Growth initiatives, but coordination and coherence between funding schemes, member states, and sectors can be improved to strengthen synergies, align investments and scale up smart and sustainable solutions.
  • The 'Masterplans' or roadmaps should help to strengthen synergies and bring added value to regional growth through coordinating stakeholders in their work towards common/aligned investments and demonstrators, rather than establishing additional structures. They should also take the global nature of competitiveness and maritime value chains into consideration while being based on local capacities and smart specialisations.
  • In particular, the circular economy offers strong opportunities to unite smart and sustainable growth and help position European technologies in global markets and in the long term perspective. This could definitely be one area for the master plans/roadmaps to explore and push forward through joint development and deployment of sustainable technologies, applications and processes.

The rapport holds further conclusions. Download the report here.