Sustainable Commercial Shipping

Danish Shipping and Ship Management Conferences have three main themes; People, Business and Technical. At these three days you will be able to get all the relevant issues and interesting topics incurred by the industries most competent professionals.

On the 7th of October we will focus on business. Main focus will be on three sections; Broking/Chartering/Operation, Risk Management, Financing and Insurance. Ole Skatka Jensen, CEO, Marorka is one of the lectures who will present “How holistic performance management, involving everybody taking part in vessel operations, can minimize excess fuel consumption.” A case study of how one of Marorka customers introduced an inter-department vessel performance system. The system increased awareness of how energy savings can effect company financial results through online sharing of performance date from vessels and effective planning and execution of voyages.

After lunch we will continue with “Legal Risk Management in shipping” presented by Rune Aagaard, Partner, HD (R) from Focus Advokater. An effective and structured approach to legal risk management can contribute to a significant increase in the value of any enterprise – in particular within shipping given the volatility of markets (freight, vessel values, currencies, bunkers etc.). A sound legal risk management system will increase the strength of the enterprise, making it more attractive as an object of investment ultimatively leading to increased shareholder value. In Focus Advokater’s presentation they will look at how legal risk management can be integrated in the wider risk management framework of the enterprise, and a suggested practical approach for creating a legal risk management framework tailored to the enterprise. A framework for managing legal risks particular to shipping enterprises will need to take into account issues such as the corporate structure of the shipping industry, regulatory issues, contractual risks, litigation risks and documentary risks. They will look briefly at these issues as well.

As part of the last session, “Business - Financing & Insurance”, Helle Lehmann, Senior Vice President, Head of Skuld Copenhagen will present the topic “P&I Insurance and diversification”. Helle Lehmann will explain in more detail why diversification may be a future sensible route for some P&I clubs in order to continue to protect the ship-owners operating in generally complex market conditions and a challenging economic environment. There is a growing need to secure the financial strength of the clubs in a global environment, characterised by volatility in both the cost of claims and in the returns from the financial markets, and at the same time the P&I clubs face new increased capital requirements, following regulations being introduced in the marine insurance industry.