Sustainable Ship Management at sea - HR, crewing and communication

Danish Shipping and Ship Management Conferences have three main themes; People, Business and Technical. At these three days you will be able to get all the relevant issues and interesting topics incurred by the industries most competent professionals.

On the 6th of October we will focus on people. Increased safety, performance culture on board and the market driver can match for higher competitiveness. You will have opportunity to meet Vice President, Erik Carlsen from Clipper Group who will share some cases and best practices from Clipper. “We know that we have to approach safety with constructive advice and a logical tone - rather than a lifted finger or a raised voice. At Clipper we strive towards a work environment which facilitates knowledge sharing and communication. It is a culture where people are not only encouraged but also expected to share information that can benefit others. Moreover, it is an unambiguous culture where there is no doubt of what is considered acceptable or unacceptable behavior”, says Erik Carlsen. He will also talk about the importance of continuously training of crew through safety campaigns and seminars. “We wish to create a culture where everyone takes responsibility for the well-being of not only him- or herself, but also his/her colleagues”, says Erik Carlsen, Vice President, Head of Clipper Fleet Management.

After lunch you will be presented for various lectures that will focus on the maritime education, competence development and the needed requirement of the sailors, engineers and shipping people. This session will end with Chief Instructor Maritime, Karsten Lundsgaard Haegg from Maersk Training. The presentation will give examples of how the development has been seen at Maersk Training, from individual technical courses and leadership courses, towards mixed courses, using technical and soft skills in the same scenario to enhance safety and efficiency on-board vessels or installations.

Ship Management and crewing will be the last topic of the day and we are glad to present General Manager, Stig Holm from Thome Ship Management, who will focus on the historical perspective of Ship Management and on what basis Ship Management, was established on. This historical perspective and previous demands will be compared to todays new demands to the ship manager. In line with the new requirements to the ship manager, he will also look into the new vessel manager education both from a ship manager perspective, but not least from a ship owner perspective.