Technical and Nautical Ship Management

Danish Shipping and Ship Management Conferences have three main themes; People, Business and Technical. At these three days you will be able to get all the relevant issues and interesting topics incurred by the industries most competent professionals.

On the 8th of October we will focus on “Technical and Nautical Ship Management”. We are honored to welcome, CEO, Dr. Jerry Ng Kok Loon from Blue Ocean Solutions, who will tell us about “Emulsified fuel – Reliable evidence of improved fuel efficiency using online measurements. Even with the current low fuel prices, fuel cost is still a major component of the operating costs of ship-owners. This presentation will compare the online data logged by the latest PMI system of a MAN B&W 12K98-ME engine when combusting neat HFO and emulsified HFO with 12% water. The logged data showed evidence of improved combustion efficiency. Fuel savings of about 2.8% at 80-84% load was recorded. The author also shares his vast experiences on improving fuel efficiency using water-in-fuel emulsions with more than 10 emulsified fuel systems installed on various types of vessels. After lunch you will be presented for various lectures that will prepare you for new systems, rules and regulations, new innovation, ideas and business opportunities both for producers and ship-owners within the nautical and classification area.

One of the interesting topics will be presented by Head Office President and Managing Director, Pantelis Chinakis, INSB Classification Society. Their featured project is called “The floating Island presentation”. The structure has a 3.500 sq.m. flat surface and its built-up area will be 13500m2. It includes a five star hotel with 136 rooms and has a rooftop restaurant that can host 340 people. The structure’s main deck will be dedicated for events for up to 1150 people and will host also a swimming pool, nightclub, a spa, a gym, a VIP movie theater and a helipad. Technical wise, the structure is set to have (amongst other elements) excellent sea keeping & stability while due to its hybrid steel and fiberglass hull engineering shall ensure the necessitated structural strength but with less weight and better corrosion resistance plus it can relocate itself under its own power by use of four installed engines.

The last topic of the day is Maritime IT where the main focus will be opportunities and challenges within E-navigation, maritime cloud, vessel IT, and software within operation and chartering. Greg Wilkins, Global Director of Commercial Marine Solutions at Veson Nautical, the leading provider of commercial maritime software and services, with offices in London, Boston, and Singapore, will present “Data Convergence to Insight”, which will share transformative learnings from some of Veson’s latest projects with leading shipping companies. Learn how these companies are analyzing diverse commercial and technical data to gain better visibility and make better, faster decisions for their business.