Go LNG Denmark: First b2b meeting gathered more than 60 LNG stakeholders!

The first event hosted by the newly established network “Go LNG Denmark” brought together business stakeholders from all of the Baltic Sea Region

During the meeting, the participants looked into actions supporting the continuous LNG development in the Baltic Sea Region. New innovations such as mobile bunkering solutions with intermediate storage tanks, LNG solutions for heavy road transport, and the use of LNG as cooling energy were all presented and eagerly debated at the meeting.

The organizer of the event, project manager, Charlotte Vinding, MDC, is pleased with the strong turn-out for the event and says: “It is great to see that the interest in boosting the LNG development in the region is still very much present – especially when considering the current low oil prices”. And she continues: “It also became very apparent that we still have a lot of work ahead of us; in strengthening the LNG supply chain; in harmonizing standardizations and legislations; and of cause in supporting the LNG infrastructure development adding on more end-users to the existing LNG infrastructure”.

The b2b meeting was also used to launch the new LNG network “Go LNG Denmark” offering its members a joint marketing platform, the possibility to expand their business network, b2b opportunities, events, study trips and new knowledge – just to mention some of the features of the new network.

Go LNG Denmark is open to all with an LNG interest and is free of charge.

The network is established as part of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region project “Go LNG”. To read more about the project, please visit our website.