Please give a welcome to the ‘Work Environment Forum’ Steering Committee

The 'Work Environment Forum' Steering Committee is all sewn up and is ready to present you with a series of exciting and highly relevant topics throughout the coming fall/winter- and spring/summer season.

In collaboration with the maritime cluster, the ‘Work Environment Forum’ Steering Committee will put emphasis on relevant challenges and topics within working environment and occupational health and safety. Thereby the committee aims to create an impact in safety culture in all elements of business leading to a healthier and safer workplace at sea and ashore.

The Steering Committee will work with themes related to physical and mental work environment, such as design, legislation, innovation to interpersonal matters, well-being, and culture.

In collaboration with the steering committee, 4 meetings will be arranged yearly, all of which will mainly be conducted in English. The themes will be the following:

  • Prioritizing your safety investment
  • The connected vessel – is it a blessing or a burden?
  • Off-duty or off-duty to reconnect?
  • Managing behavior

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