You might want to know this about Australian shipping industry!

Yeah, yeah, we know we gave you really short notice, but it's not every day an Aussie shipping expert pops up in our office. 
So, for all of you who wasn't able to attend our Aussie-event this morning, here's a few valuable highlights of what you really need to know about Australian Shipping Industry. So, here we go:

  • Did you know that Australia has the fastest growing cruise market globally?
  • Companies operating with oil exploration in The North Sea might look into the coming oil exploration projects in Southern Australia as the environment is incredibly exposed to weather and techniques developed over time here may be a competitive advantage.
  • Local knowledge is key! Success in Australia is based on solid relationships and understanding the landscape – did you know that a ship arriving in an Aussie port must have Australians onboard from its last foreign port, its hull cleaned, and be inspected by unions?

And, in case you are fed up with the Danish rain season, you should consider a career in Australia. Wages are quite reasonable with ratings earning around 650,000DKK minimum per annum for an AB. Not too bad for 6 months work, imagine being the Captain…

Want to know more about this topic? Contact Managing Director in OSM, Luke Bettesworth here and take a look at his presentation below