New faces in our new steering committees

Great things are evolving in EMUC. We are assembling steering groups in order to gain more expertise and insight in all areas of the maritime industry. Our new steering groups will include highly experienced professionals from all over the industry, such as shipping companies, manufacturers, consultants, public authorities, and educational institutions. 

Our first steering group is already established in Human Resources, and we are pleased to announce a solid group of steering members: Torben Lykkegaard Pedersen, Shipowner Marine HR in NORDEN, Stine Skelbo, Consultant in Green-Jakobsen, Lars P. Breusch MAN Turbo Diesel, Tommy Olofsen, CEO in OSM, Henriette Dybkær, Project Manager (EMUC), and Mikkel Brønnum Hansen, CEO in EMUC.

We wish to shed light on HR, both off- and onshore. And especially the connection between the two areas. Continuously, we intend to discuss the challenges of laws and regulations of the hard and soft aspects of HR in the maritime industry such as Compensation and Benefit, and Culture.We will investigate how an industry with a great deal of employees with a technical background

  • What is the best way to manage employees with a technical background?  
  • What is the best way to accommodate future demands of competences? 
  • And how will we recruit the right people on- and offshore in the future?

We are looking forward to present you with a long list of exciting speakers, valuable knowledge, and inspiration in order to strengthen competences and our business' bottom line in HR!

In the following months, we will assemble steering groups within the areas of: 

  • Work environment
  • Environment
  • Maritime IT
  • Maritime Law
  • Maritime Communications
  • HSE Surveyor
  • Havneforum (brand new area - we'll keep you updated!) 

If you want to learn more about our new steering groups, please contact Project Manager, Henriette Dybkær