Go LNG. More LNG. - Kick off of the Go LNG project activities in Denmark

The MDCE kicks off the Go LNG project activities in Denmark
The project “Go LNG” will focus on developing for the demand and accessibility of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) in Baltic Sea Region. 

We are very pleased to announce, that the activities on the Go LNG project are starting up after the summer break. And we hope that you are as excited as we are!

Our first project task is to map out the LNG development in the Baltic Sea Region – and we would like to talk to you!
The Go LNG project is aiming at establishing a strategic approach to the LNG infrastructure development and to mobilize the critical mass of technology, business partnerships, and regulative authorities to implement LNG powered transport corridors in BSR. Should you or your company/organisation have an interest in becoming part of the LNG-mapping, please contact Charlotte Vinding, MDCE project manager, cvi@maritimecenter.dk, for a talk about your LNG competencies and qualifications.

During the MSSM conference in Nyborg at the end of August, Go LNG will host a small seminar to discuss the impact the use of LNG has had on the operations of the ship: How has the skill development within safety & operations evolved? How has the use of LNG influenced the daily operations?  And how can the industry consolidate all the LNG knowledge that has been developed in the past decade?
These are some of the questions we will be discussing in Nyborg – please come and take part in the discussions.

But … While LNG is already present in the Baltic Sea Region, the development of the necessary LNG infrastructure is still facing significant challenges, and for the foreseeable future, the ongoing LNG infrastructure development will encounter rough seas mainly due to the low oil prices.
However, the long-term economic fundamentals remain sound for the LNG expansion, but additional measures are needed to boost the continuous development of both the LNG infrastructure and the LNG value chain in the region.

Therefore, the MDCE invites its member to take part in a half-day seminar during the Danish Maritime Days in October. Here, we will be looking into actions supporting the continuous LNG development in the Baltic Sea Region by exploring innovations to open up new markets and adding on new end-users to the existing infrastructure.

Come and join us!

To read more and see the full project partner list, please visit: http://www.maritimecenter.dk/projekter/golng/

 Charlotte Vinding, Project Manager, MDCE