Did you know that MDCE’s members co-choose the subjects for our events?

In MDCE we are dragging no anchors and we like to stay in front of what moves in all aspects of the maritime business. It's a brand new fresh start in MDCE and we have moved away from our former fixed networks, by putting together 9 highly professional steering committees. The committees are linked to our 9 topic areas, all of which are now planning our events and each individual committee generates up to four meetings on a yearly basis. The individual steering committee primarily consists of experts in their fields in the following 5 sectors: A ship owner, a manufacturer, a consultant, an authority/organisation, and an educational institution, with variations depending on the group.

In total 40 delegates are representing 28 of MDCE’s members in the committees. By combining experts within their fields, who are anchored in the cluster, we can ensure that the subjects discussed in the meetings are highly relevant and meet the expectations and needs in the industry.

Are you curious? Take a closer look at our steering committees here! And don’t forget – as soon as your company has joined MDCE, it’s FREE for all your employees to limitlessly participate in any of the meetings they find relevant and bring back valuable knowledge and network to your company.

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