Start looking towards the ocean

We use the ocean for transporting goods, fishing, exploiting oil and gas reservoirs - or maybe that leisure trip in your sailing boat. But considering the oceans covering two-thirds of the surface of the earth it is not even close in getting its fair share of attention.

A Dutch colleague of mine said recently: “For many years’ people in coastal states have been using our fine beaches to look towards the land, it’s time they turn around and start looking towards the sea for opportunities.” In their “Ocean Economy 2030” report, published in 2016, OECD pointed out that there is an enormous growth potential in commercial activities linked to our oceans.

We see that this is picking up in our offshore wind industry, where we use our seabed for collecting resources instead of using our already over utilized land. But there are plenty of other opportunities as well: coastal tourism, aquaculture, production of algae, housing, ocean fish farming, cleaning the oceans for waste (e.g. plastic waste), ocean mining etc.

What do you think are the opportunities we have not yet discovered at sea?

We will start looking towards the ocean. On March 16th, together with CBS, The Blue MBA, we will host a Blue event where the focus will be deep sea mining: Why look towards the deep sea? What is the potential? How do you actually do it? What is the business case?

Together with, the offshore innovation network, we are inviting other innovation networks into the blue - in order to open up for the possibilities our oceans - and seas - host: resource production and extraction, leisure, innovation, technology development, business opportunities etc.

It’s time for Denmark to acknowledge that we are not just a maritime nation - but an ocean focused nation.

Happy New Year!

Mikkel Hansen