MDC is certified as a gold cluster by ESCA under the EU

As the first maritime and transport cluster in Denmark, MDC - Maritime Development Center -receives a gold certificate from ECEI, the European accreditation experts in cluster organizations. ECEI works for a standardization in the methods used to benchmark cluster organization management processes and the way the organizations offer their services to their members.

The certification is part of the professionalization of our services to our members, which means that MDC is now among the elites of Denmark's clusters. Through an ECEI certification, European clusters have the ability to compare themselves with other clusters in Europe. Furthermore, receiving a Gold Label gives a number of advantages, such as a quality stamp of the cluster organization, international visibility, and easier access to national and EU funding.

The gold certification is a quality stamp of our work. It shows that we work systematically that we are strong at tying Blue Denmark together and that we create results through our activities: professional and social events, conferences and projects. We are both proud and humble of what we have achieved so far, but we also see it as a recognition that we can and constantly seek to improve our work, says Mikkel Hansen, CEO at MDC.

In the board and presidency, we are proud of and happy for the recognition in the form of the gold certification. It is for the benefit of our members who confirm the high quality of our organization. This proves our ability to maintain and develop the quality of our events and conferences, says Per Jørgensen, Chairman of the Engineers' Association and Vice Chairman of MDC.

MDC's Chairman, Erik Østergaard, Director of DTL, sees the certification as particularly positive and as a quality stamp of the work MDC is doing and will continue to do. We have always been aware that our work for the Blue Denmark has been important, thus we are pleased to have received a paper as approval.

In Denmark, there are more than 50 innovative clusters, which each year help approx. 16,500 companies to become more innovative in order for businesses to create growth and jobs. The clusters span widely and each has its own field of expertise, and with MDC's new gold certification we can put the Blue Denmark on the map among the world's strongest clusters.

Bolette van Ingen Bro, CEO, Cluster Excellence Denmark says that the fact that MDC has achieved gold is a great European recognition that the secretariat has excellent cluster management. This means, among other things, that the strategy, membership management, and MDC have managed to develop and offer the services and activities that members of the cluster need.
European gold clusters are attractive collaborators for other clusters, companies and organizations, both nationally and internationally. The European gold clusters also have the opportunity to seek more funds home to create development and innovation in their member companies, than clusters have not obtained gold. For companies in the maritime industry, therefore, MDC gold means access to a broader and stronger network and better access to funding.

Cluster work can be hard to spot in everyday life. MDC is Denmark's maritime cluster organization with 170 members from the entire maritime value chain. Through professional and social events and projects, we gather the industry, contribute to knowledge sharing, networking, innovation and business development, in order for Denmark to maintain its position as a leading maritime cluster.

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