100 meetings in 3 hours - is that possible?

- yes it is, and it wasn't a first. The 5th edition of the closed and exclusive event in the name of creating strategic partnerships and business relations, 'Nordic Smart and Green Shipping' took place in the beautiful surroundings in the residence of the Finnish Ambassador in Denmark. Finpro, MDC and Nordic Gateway gathered 10 Danish Shipowners and 13 Finnish Suppliers for a total of 100 meetings!

Fitting a hundred meetings into two hours
By optimizing a typical hourly meeting with a potential supplier, each Danish shipowner had up to 11 meetings with the invited Finnish companies presenting their smart or green solutions.

One of the shipowners, Søren Westergaard, Director at Norden said: 'The concept with the "B2B Matchmaking" is an effective way to attend a short meeting and establish contact with lots of Finnish suppliers and get an introduction to their products.'

Shipowners were presented for solutions, they had never thought of, suppliers were introducing their solutions to the Danish market and all participants had the opportunity to meet companies and persons which they might not have met otherwise. 

'The event is a great opportunity to meet a number of suppliers and their products whom I normally wouldn't meet.' added Søren Westergaard, Director at Norden when asked why he attended the event. 

The disruptive corner
If a break should occur the participants had the opportunity to join Niina Aagaard and Esa Lindqvist at the disruptive corner where the discussion lead to take a challenging look at the maritime business and ask: WHAT could disrupt shipping and other maritime businesses?

See pictures from the event below