80 meetings in 3 hours - is that possible?

- Yes it is, and it wasn't a first. The 6th edition of the exclusive event where strategic partnerships and business relations are created, 'Nordic Green Shipping' took place in the beautiful surroundings of the residence of the Finnish Ambassador in Denmark. Business Finland, LOURA, Nordic Gateway and MDC gathered nine Danish Shipowners and 11 Finnish Suppliers for a total of 80 meetings!

Fitting 80 meetings into three hours
By optimizing a typical meeting with a potential supplier, each Danish shipowner had up to 10 meetings of 10 minutes, with the invited Finnish companies presenting their smart or green solutions.

Suppliers were introducing their solutions to the Danish market and all participants had the opportunity to meet companies and persons which they might not otherwise have met. 

The Disruptive Corner

At Nordic Green Shipping the participants were invited to talk about challenges and opportunities of merging value chains. Sustainability was a central topic from both economic, environmental and a social point of view. New environmental regulations and a rapid technological development demand to adjust traditional business models and 4 ideas were identified:

  • Electrification: There are a lot of synergies to combine knowhow across industries and country boarders in zero emission and battery-technology value chains.

  • Future Proof Vessels: Long lifecycle of vessels make it more difficult to have state of art technologies (digital and environmental) installed in vessels;  lifecycle innovation and modular building solutions were discussed.

  • Circles of trust – ecosystem collaboration: To boost innovation, there is a need for closed open data environments, especially to get the big players to share their data safely.

  • Vessel levy / Sustainability fond - More advanced circular economy models in the shipping industry would make it economically do-able establishing these kind of initiatives.

The Disruptive Corner was conducted by Nordic Innovation.

See pictures from Nordic Green Shipping below