Forklift on rehab

Onboard the Ro-Ro ship we had a small forklift called Ingerd (named after a former student). It was irreplaceable for chain turns, stores, paint etc, but always in the way when the trailer deck was to be washed. So the new deck-intern had placed it on one of the deck's flaps. Unfortunately, the handbrake was not what it used to be so when loading started and the ship was swinging, it rolled over the flap and into the sea. After a lot of hay and yolk, we were able to pull it up again, and it was sent to a rehab facility in Esbjerg. However, it never became its old self again and one day the ship-assistant came up on deck where I (once again) was washing and declared that Ingerd was finally dead. 'No way' I said 'it just needs a little push to get started. Unfortunately, I was proven very wrong when I went to check on it, it had burst into flames. What really happened we never found but the sad truth was that we had to say goodbye to the ever so helpful forklift.