We looked into the future

On Tuesday, January 31st MDC, under the auspices of our ICT & Digitalization Forum, had the pleasure of welcoming no less than 53 people at the event: Digitalization, disruptive change and future in the shipping industry. Lloyd's Register hosted the event at their office in Hellerup, Denmark, where we all gathered to hear possibilities, challenges and what maritime organizations can expect in the future. 

Three speakers from Maersk Line, Lloyd's Register, Sweden and Ericsson gave us an insight into the future in shipping. Digitalisation will come to play a big role in the coming years, meaning that the shipping industry, as well as many other sectors, will have to adapt. This will transform the business as we know it today. Companies will have to combine IT with a change in the business processes and business models. During this change, complications will occur and we will be faced with some brand new challenges. We are already faced with cyber attacks and more are to come. Soon cyber security will be on everybody's lips! 

Yes, the world is in constant motion and we must follow. Change must start from above, even it might be challenging as a leader to gain acceptance from employees when new it-solutions are implemented, a natural evolution is inevitable. But where do we start and what will it all result in?

Watch the videos below, and get an insight into what we learned at yesterday's seminar!