We give you 5 keypoints for better customer relationship!

Is there one magical answer to the never-ending discussion on improved customer relationship? No, but in January MDC invited our members to our event: “How to retain and engage your members”, where we might have gotten a little closer to the answer. In collaboration with the participators and two experts within the field, we dove into the subject through great engagement and a lively debate. We have now carefully selected 5 of the best advises which we are ready to give to you!

  1. Create relevance! Think relevance in every action or contact you have with your members/customers. Find a way to segment your members/customers to make sure they always receive relevant information from you.
  2. Be proactive. Contacting and engaging in dialogue with your members/customers is important. They should not have to contact you. Improvements of member/customer relations create loyalty. Go the extra mile, make each member/customer feel unique!  Don’t hesitate to send a personal and an informal email, this shows awareness of the members/customers’ interests. 
  3. Unsubscription.  Why would your member want to unsubscribe? Following an unsubscribing, it's important to learn how you can prevent the remaining members/customers from unsubscribing. Stay in contact with unsubscribed members/customers, in order to preserve a healthy relationship.
  4. Engage your colleagues. Get your colleagues to participate. When initiating improvements in services provided, even small changes matters. It could be as simple as answering the phone politely.
  5. Invoicing.  Align yourself with the members/customers’ position when invoicing them. Avoid mistakes, and ensure that the members/customers know what they gain from the membership. A great idea is to create content overview of the past year, showing how you have added value to them. 

See pictures from the event below