Mining in the sea - where is it all going?

We are constantly striving for more knowledge, new opportunities and ways to expand our businesses. So what's new in the ocean? Which new possibilities can we find there? The answer lies in  Deep Sea Mining, which is exactly what was discussed at MDC's latest event which was held in collaboration with CBS Executive. 

70 people listened carefully as Dr. Steffen Knodt gave an insight into Deep Sea Mining, the history behind it and the future to come. 

So what did we learn? Well, even Deep Sea Mining has great future potential the project has yet not a sufficient level of profitability due to the current price level of raw materials. Though, there are many indicators that will lead to growing demand of raw materials as we will see a growing world population or economic catch ups. Generally, mining companies show an interest but are still waiting as they're trying to protect their foothold in this market.  Still, first-movers have expressed willingness to enter into Pilot Mining Test. So maybe the future isn't so far away after all?

Update 23rd of March: Maersk Supply Service teams up with DeepGreen on Seabed Minerals Campaign - read more here:

Check out these pictures from the event and the video where Dr. Steffen Knodt gives an introduction to his agenda for the day.