Clusters in Denmark; How do we contribute?


A new study by The Ministry of Higher Education shows that business clusters and innovational networks largely acts as a bridge between companies and researchers, and also foster the development of innovative products and services in Denmark. Each year approximately 12,000 Danish companies participate in different clusters or innovation networks which aim to create new partnerships and find inspiration and innovational progress. This goal is obtained by many businesses, and thereby contribute to business development. This a very satisfactional tendency according to the Minister for Higher Education and Science, Søren Pind.

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Last year The Ministry of Higher Education created a new strategy for Denmark's clusters and innovational networks which builds on the results achieved so far, but now with an even higher level of ambition. The strategy puts, among others, focus on three areas all of which, are designed to support the Danish Government and regions. The strategy puts emphasis on boosting growth and knowledge-based development throughout Denmark, strengthening the knowledge bridges between business and researchers and strengthening Denmark's involvement in international collaboration.

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