"Do you have a life"? "No, send me the link"

The crew at MDC has looked at the compass and adjusted the sails, in order to pursue a new path. The aim of the game is to be a distributer of maritime related content, through our social media channels. By using Facebook in particular, we seek to provide knowledge to a broad range of stakeholders. The core of our SoMe strategy is to post a variation of articles, videos, pictures, etc. on a weekly basis, to keep our followers up to date with the maritime industry. We have determined a budget for the campaign, which allows us to reach a wide target group, who we believe can benefit from our newsfeed. In less than two months, more than 1500 people have seen our posts, which is an increase of close to 200 percent since the beginning of the campaign. As a brand new addition to the publishing strategy, we have for the first time in our history hosted a competition with a very desirable prize. One lucky winner was awarded a drone, as a result of participating in our Facebook competition. The activity created exceeded our expectations, which is why we are looking forward to host a new competition in the nearby future.

Obviously, we strive to continue the progression, and we invite you to climb onboard and follow our journey. Click on the link to our Facebook site and tick off “like” here.