Old and new from TINV

The year 2017 is now well underway and in TINV we would like to introduce you to what the year will bring:

The absolute new from TINV is a new concept in the dissemination of knowledge. After an idea from TI, and in cooperation with "Danske Busvognmænd" and MCH, we have made four Walk'n'talk guided tours in the halls at year "Transport Exhibition 2017" taking place March 23rd to the 25th.

Thursday we have arranged two walk'n'talk trips where we will visit selected exhibitors on the route, asking them the question: "Green lorry traffic - what can the industry do?" On Friday we go around on "Busmessen" where we aim to find answers to; "Green bus - what can the industry do?" And "Keep the driver - how do we make the driving job safe, healthy and exciting?".

Used but yet new! Once again, TINV will be participating in "Folkemødet" on the island of Bornholm, where TINV is the coordinator for the main tent with the innovation networks and the GTS'es. What's new? Maybe not the word disruption, although it will probably be spoken of many times, but the idea is that across the innovation networks, and across different professional insight, we can make a targeted difference. The same societal challenge has been the basis for the events in the main tent. And maybe we are lucky to have a debate with the minister for education and research, Søren Pind.

News from the Secretariat - in 2016 we initiated a strategic work and put more focus on TINVs members. We have divided the members into three groups; the knowledge seekers, networkers and developers. Developers are members and companies that are involved in developing TINV and is involved in setting corporate challenges on the agenda. Networkers are members who participate more and more often in TINV events. The thesis is, that the participants come to get the professional knowledge, but also to network and find new contacts. The knowledge seekers are members who only attend events once, but want to remain a member and receive information from TINV. So what is it used for? Initially, we keep an eye on the movement between the groups. The aim is, that the members attend events more often and ultimately also commit and use the innovation network as a tool to find solutions to challenges which it doesn't make sense or can be solved exclusively in-house. That said, it should be mentioned that we continue to supportg individual companies with internal development.

Used and still going strong. TINVs professional work is still based on eight activities: Corporate Social Responsibility, Energy Transport, Innovation in transport, Intelligent Transport, Vehicle Technology, Logistics, Ship Management and Technology and Training and skills. Work is crisscrossing between activities, which means that some companies are starting within one activity but the solution was found in another. It also means that there is cooperation between partners and the network through the development of research projects and especially in the dissemination work - it is the culture of the network!