Use us as your networking platform

In a busy world your focus can easily be distracted. But do you remember to stop and smell the flowers? Even though it might not be easy to see a profitable outcome of networking, can you really put a price on the significance of nurturing your network, the strength of a good network or to know the right people - maybe as a helping hand when life might not be even keeled?

There are many reasons to have a good and strong network which is the reason why social networking is our focal point (no, no, don't worry, this is not another social media scheme). No, we are talking about good old-fashioned socializing, and of course with a maritime twist.

In the coming period, MDC has lined up two great events in the name of networking.

Summer Business Networking
In the beautiful surroundings of J. Lauritzen's rooftop terrace, we welcome you to our brand new initiative! With the view of the harbor setting the scene, a glass of wine in your hand and surrounded by 'maritime people' you will, in between the personal networking, be inspired by 4 speakers popping up and delivering short power talks every time the bell rings. Have we intrigued you? Read all about the event here

Maritime Dinner
The Social Calendar” concept has inspired MDC to create a Maritime Dinner where the Danish Maritime Cluster meet on executive level to engage in social networking and charity at The Royal Danish Naval Academy. During the dinner there will be an auction of maritime items donated by Danish maritime companies and institutions to support Mercy Ships. The dinner is by invitation only.

Want more? Don't worry - we have more social events in the pipeline