For the third time, the Baltic Sea Clean Maritime Award honored outstanding eco-minded seafaring on the Baltic Sea. The project “Go LNG” won second prize in the category ”Innovation and Technology”.

The Baltic Sea Clean Maritime (BSCM) Award has been created to support innovative and environmental friendly approaches and ideas in the Baltic Sea Region and to provide a platform for transparency, knowledge exchange and implementation measures. The award was presented for the first time in September 2013 and was presented in Berlin on June 14th 2017 for the 3rd time.

The project “Go LNG” won second prize in the category ”Innovation and Technology”.

The Go LNG project is focused on developing the demand for LNG and on increasing the LNG accessibility in the countries of the Baltic Sea Region. Developing an LNG value chain and conducting research in the field of LNG constitute the essential foundation for further development. At present, the project consortia is looking into the accessibility of LNG as a fuel and factors relevant to increasing the competitiveness of the price of LNG. Significant investments are necessary for the installation of an LNG infrastructure, and the limited demand for this fuel combined with the adverse factors for the end-user are reflected in the current price of LNG. In order to reduce the price of LNG and to create an investment-friendly environment, the project provides for the extension of the value chain by attracting new LNG customers; the latest initiative in this respect was the signing of the BSR LNG Cluster collaboration agreement back in April in Vilnius.

Go LNG project has brought together 18 partners from 7 countries. MDC is the leader of the work in regards to the development of the BSR LNG Cluster and also acts as the coordinator of the Danish Go LNG Network.

The winners of the BSCM Award 2017 are:

Category A: Infrastructure

  • 1st price: Blue Baltics - LNG infrastructure facility deployment in the Baltic Sea Region
  • 2nd price: GREEN CRUISE PORT - Sustainable Development of Cruise Port Locations (GCP)
  • 3rd price: VG EcoCoaster

Category B: Innovation and Technology

  • 1st price: Zero Emission Ferries - A green link across the Öresund
  • 2nd price: LNG Value Chain for Clean Shipping, Green Ports & Blue Growth in the Baltic Sea Region (Go LNG)
  • 3rd price: LNG in Baltic Sea Ports II

Special Category: Innovation and Science

  • 1st price: MARELITT Baltic
  • 2nd price: EE-Baltic
  • 3rd price: Back from Black - Study and deployment of the affordable scrubber retro fitting technology for SME shipowners