Hands-on experience with sci-fi gadgets at Aalborg University!

All kinds of gadgets and the newest technology were presented and experienced at the ”Sci-fi Gadgets” event at Aalborg University, Campus Copenhagen on the 12th of June.

Inspiring speakers and presenters brought insight and perspectives to the research and trends within the maritime field and it was possible to hear all about the opportunities of digitalization.

The afternoon began with an introduction to Autonomous Systems (Sensors, Vision, Robotics and Machine Learning), 3D printing and the Blockchain Technology.

Afterwards the participants had the chance to see and experience - at first hand - the technologies of the bazaar and to engage in a dialogue with speakers and presenters.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality equipment was lined up allowing the participants to get a sense of this approach to educational training and the possibilities were demonstrated by trying on the equipment.

In another area of the bazar it was possible to see and touch Underwater Drones and get a close look at the construction. Next to the drones 3D printing and Robotics could be experienced in real life and knowledge on the technologies shared and discussed.

A lot of new perspectives targeted the logistics and transportation industry is ahead!