The Danish Maritime Fund supports the reccomendations of the Maritime Strategy Team

With an amount of 25 million DKK, the Danish Maritime Fund backs up the government's efforts to strengthen the Blue Denmark. After the Growth Team in April 2017 announced their 52 recommendations to the Government, the Danish Maritime Fund's Board has discussed how to support selected initiatives from these recommendations.

During the two coming years, the 25 million will support concrete project activities in the main areas of; Digitization, product development, new education, non-national legislation and the marketing of the Blue Denmark. The funds will be available for research and development activities within the following areas of the Growth Team:

  1. Digitisation of the Blue Denmark.
  2. Continuation of BlueINNOship, so that Blue Denmark is ensured a continued research and development platform.
  3. Future ships where digital solutions are expected to drive development towards the autonomous ship.
  4. The blue business models of the future are influenced by digital development and with platforms inspired by the sharing economy.
  5. Promoting entrepreneurship in the maritime industry through the establishment of an entrepreneurial program for the maritime environment.
  6. A future check of all maritime education programs and the establishment of continuing education programs that match the future digital demands of the employees.
  7. Establishing international cooperation among the institutions offering targeted maritime education.
  8. Establishment of rotation schemes for apprentices in the maritime companies with North Jutland as a model.
  9. Enforcement of international rules and conventions.
  10. Marketing of the Blue Denmark as a maritime nation.

The Minister for Business and Growth, Mikkelsen says, "I am very pleased Danish Maritime Fund for supporting the government's work to strengthen the Blue Denmark with this solid contribution. It strongly emphasizes that Denmark has a strong maritime cluster, where all parts of the sector actively takes part in the success of the sector. It’s crucial for Denmark in order to maintain and develop its maritime position of strength.

In addition, the Board of Directors may decide to support other recommendations and the above activities will form part of the Fund's total activities during the two coming years. Stakeholders in the Blue Denmark can apply to the Fund for support for the above activities according to the Fund's normal practice. The Fund is also available for clarifying questions by contacting the Fund's Secretariat.