Going to Shanghai next year? The call for papers is up for WMTC18

The World Maritime Technology Congress is an international association of national societies of naval architects and marine engineers. The association is the body behind the World Maritime Technology Conference. In one of the two internationally renowned conferences with maritime technology globally.  

In 2018 the Conference will take place in Shanghai, China. Under the situation that the marine industry has been slow in recovering from the global economic crisis and new shipbuilding contracting is week, the 6th World Maritime Technology Conference (WMTC’18) will be a valuable meeting for the experts from the world maritime industry to debate the professional and technical issues that influence the maritime industry.

Market has been depressed and continued to flounder in recent years, transformation and renovation have become the hot topic of the industry, therefore WMTC’18 sets “Innovation, Intelligence, Transformation, Development” as the theme. The event expects to have 180 papers presented at the meeting, regarding a variety of topics including the frontiers and hot issues over three days.

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