We laughed, we learned and most importantly we networked

Yesterday MDC, WISTA and MARsters lined up and opportunity for our members to go networking at our Summer Business Networking. No less than a 100 people grabbed the chance and gathered at J. Lauritzen’s roof top terrace.  We know the importance of networking! Thus, we want to repeat the success and we give you an opportunity to do this again and are aiming to make this an annual event. But it doesn’t stop there. We have created a similar event at the bar at Ultragas on January 18th. SAVE-THE-DATE and make sure you don’t miss it, stay tuned and sign up for our monthly newsletter and event calendar here.

For those who missed it, or those who wants to hear it just one more time, here come the key recommendations from yesterday’s speakers:

Carine Heckscher, ICHECK.dk
Carina took us to the "grown up playground" and presented one of the 25 communication cards she has developed to launch the conversation 'from Small Talk to the BIG Talk!'. Here are Carina's key points:

  • When participating in an event you must give a deeper thought to which people you talk with. We tend to go to the ones we already know but that won't expand your network. So, make it your priority to approach someone new.
  • Don't think too much into the icebreaker! Do not let fear hold you back when talking so someone new. It can be a simple question that can start a conversation and don't worry, normally the conversation will continue naturally

Tine Arentsen Willumsen, CEO of the Strategic Agency Above & Beyond and Initiator of the Danish Diversity Council. 
Tine talked about networking with women and creating a mixed gender network with diversity. Here are Tine’s key points:

  • Expand your network by mapping out your contacts on a piece of paper and take a closer look into from which contacts you mutually benefit from
  • For the women: Learn to stay longer at events! Women tend to leave as soon as possible, but you need to be better at prioritising networking and staying for the evening. Remember: “you get what you give” l
  • We have Maersk represented in The Danish Diversity Council as they consciously wish to develop a more gender balanced top management. So the same goes for career opportunities - diversify your own circles

Rasmus Elsborg-Jensen, General Manager, PJ Diesel Engineering A/S
Rasmus is a “Steering Committee Member” of the international network DABGO. He lived and worked for almost a decade in North America. Rasmus talked about how to become a professional networker abroad or here in Denmark. Here are Ramus’s key points:

  • Start with a plan – Make a list containing all relevant networks in the area (Trade councils, Alumni networks, Churches, Rotary, Chambers of Commerce ect.)
  • Locate a week with most relevant events and contact the hosts for those events and sign up. Remember always to use LinkedIn before a meeting to get background info on the participants.
  • And don’t forget: “It’s not about who you know or who knows you – it’s about who and how many you have helped ”