Last call for MSSM 2017

MSSM 2017 is just around the corner and we are putting the conference in the spotlight in our August newsletter. The programme is booming with exciting content!

The past nine weeks MSSM has counted down with a weekly insight into each of our nine sessions. For your benefit, we have summed it all down. Keep reading and get the full overview of what you can look forward to. 

Meet our keynotes

Kimberly Karlshøj

"How to get our 'Millenials' on board"








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Keynote Todd Conklin

More rules won't make you safer!

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Michael Nørager

What does changes do to us and what do we do to them?














Gerrit Brouwer:

Decade Millennials: How do you engage your workforce today - and in the future?

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