Get some first hand user experience on the EfficienSea2

Companies around the world are already using technologies developed in the EfficienSea2 project. Among them is Danelec  A/S who is a leading manufacturer of Voyage Data Recorders, Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems and ship-2-shore data solutions, located in Denmark, Singapore and China. We have asked them about their experiences when using products from the E2 project.

Henrik Bech Helnæs, Product Manager, Communication Solutions has put some words on their usage of the E2 Work Package 2 which is about ”Shipboard System Integration, on-board networks”:

In Danelec Marine A/S we have a lot of experience with onboard networks, partly for navigation and partly for automation systems. This, among others, is due to the fact that our main products are Voyage Data Recorder Systems (VDR), Electronic Chart Displays (ECDIS) and Telemetry Solutions.

For a long time, we have been working extensively with the communication both to and from shore and see the need for standardization - partly around the network onboard and partly in the communications to and from shore.

The work that is done for the EfficienSea2 project has resulted in a proposed on-board architecture that supports various future applications including the Maritime Cloud, Cyber ecurity and Maritime Messaging Service (MMS), VDES etc .

In order for us to use different E2 solutions and implement supporting systems in our organizations, we must be sure of a wide globally usage. Therefore, we are not currently using the Maritime Cloud in our products. In the work regarding Cyber ecurity we have confirmed that a large part of the initiatives have already been implemented in our products, and there has been made further improvements in the area.

In the EfficenSea2 project Task 2.4 we will end with a prototype setup of the recommended architecture and design in order to validate. In addition, we agree with the working group in submitting a presentation for an international standard for on-board architecture.

We see the work on Maritime Cloud, which has been carried out in the E2 project as a start and expect it to - through one or more iterations – to be standardized. When we get there, we will of course use Maritime Cloud in our products.

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