Welcome to our new team members

Lately, MDC has welcomed no less than 3 new people to our team - give them a great welcome.

  • Liv Jørgensen will mainly be working with TØF and TINV on organizing events in the name of transport and the ever so popular RAIL CPH Conference.

  • Per Gammeltoft Jepsen has taken up the task to help recruiting the much-needed workforce to our industry as a Project Manager in the MDC project: The Future Maritime Craftsman.

  • If you attend MDC's events you can't help to run into our new intern. Josephine Poulsen who's finishing her bachelor in International Shipping and Trade at CBS as well as assisting our Business Relationship Manager in planning some awesome MDC events. Wanna get to know them better and learn their passions?

Take a closer look at them here.